(Paper) WIPRO-Placement Paper (Vijayawada)

WIPRO-Placement Paper (Vijayawada)


Coming to the Written test as usual it had. 




1 hour for written test. No negative marking. 

In Verbal section there were questions on Active Voice and PASSIVE voice.
Giving active voice and asking us to choose the Passive voice.....like that. 1
RC-on that 4 questions. 1 synonym 1 jumbled word-shud choose a word which gives

Coming to the Analytical section. It was very easy. simple questions like Divide
30 by half and add 10. Blood relation questions boat&stream 2 questions were
logical........and interesting. 

The question was 1 11 21 1211 111221 312211 13112221 1113213211 31131211131221
What is the number in the next series.....? The logic was so simple 1 Next row
is 11(means one 1) then next row 21(means two 1 s) then next row1211(means one
2,one 1) like that u can go on filling.... 

Then the Technical questions There were questions on LINUX, UNIX, Networking, C,
C. But all were very easy and basic questions asking the output of the program,
asking the error in the program........like that 

Question on networking was Which is Routable? LAN, WAN, IPEx.... something they

AS a whole the written test was very easy (NO negative marking. But there was
SECTION CUT OFF. And another thing to talk about is, it is said that 13-15
questions were directly from previous papers. (I donno know it bcoz i didn look
the previous papers, but the guys prepared on previous papers said to me) So
Good luck. Written test is very easy. But technical interview is where u have to
prove u r self. So with a quiet good preparation for Written, and a SERIOUS
preparation for the TECHNICAL will grab u a JOB in WIPRO.