(Paper) Wipro - Paper And Interview Pattern


Round 1: Aptitude cum Technical Test 
English Section: 15(Min.7) 
Apti: 15 (Min 7-9) 
Technical: 20 (Min 9-12) (Try for 12 at least) 
Round 2: Technical Interview(actual elimination) 
Round 3: HR interview 

Round 1: 

English: Mostly on Grammer 

Que : Reported speech (Ans C or D) 

Que : Some passive or active voice 

Que : Ans:Voluntary(A) 

Que: Related to arrange th right word Answer is B(FAMINE) 

Que: Let the cats out of the bag(Phrasal verb):::ans is (D) to reveal the secret 

5 question were from damn easy paragraph will attempt very easily. 


Que 16: Ans--(B) 

Que: amorous night .....Pearls...Ans(18) 

Que: Father....Ans(52) 

Que: last que of apti some large calculation of days:...Ans(D) 

Que: Last Que on page 2 ANs is ....Data is irrevelant(see the option containg it 

Que: One question for B sits in b/w A and D see like this then Ans(Option C and Answer is D) 

Que: One Que was wrong but tick that answer for Option containing 80 que was containing room area) 


Que31: Answer is B 

Que32: Answer is None of These 

Que33: Who did the invention of Mouse(Find it out Answer may be (A)) 

Que34: A computer program which come in hidden format but damages computer 

Answer is either Trojan(I ticked on this) or Virus 

Que35: A C++ program: Answer is B or D(I ticked D) 

Que36: Que for inheritence Answer is C 

Que: Related to Base register 

Que: One question for "egrep" cpmmand in UNIX 

Que: A C program 


Que: Next to the above ques A C program was there some related to sizeof() Answer is A 2-10-2 

Que: Memory access related ...Answer is C 

Que50:Answer is D 

Que: Related to LIFO and semaphore Answer is C indefinite Blocking 

Que: 48 and 49 if u know th answer then mark whatever u feel right if not mark D for both at least one is correct 

Round 2: 

Technical Interview: 

The most tough part as the elimination was more It has gone upto around 7(eliminated):1(accepted) 
I faced more than 45 minutes interview As I have done OCP so my interview was more oreinted over SQL and Oracle but be prepared for C and C++ if u r from EC then do prepare for one subject atleast and C 

Some HR questions will also arouse....like ... 

Que: Why should I hire You? 
Que: What If you don t get what You have expected from Wipro? 
Que: What are your future plans? 
Que: What if the Infy offers you attracting offer while you are working in Wipro? 
Que: Describe Yourself? 
Que: Why did You Choose your area of interest? 

Round 3: 

HR Interview: 
Describe yourself 
Why did u choos OCP as certification 
What are your future plans 
Your strength and weaknesses 

And many more typical HR questions but the elimination is very much less like only 10% 
(Last Advice is prepare for the interviews..........English is must....)