(Interview) Wipro - Interview Pattern (Nalgonda)

WIPRO-Interview Pattern (Nalgonda)

There were total 3 rounds for selection process :

1) written test3 
2) verbal questions (from previous papers)
3) apptitude 
4) technical (from C and UNIX commands, protocols)

Technical Interview 
In this round the interviewer asked questions on C language 

1)storage classes in c 

2)about macros 


4)write a program on how to find biggest number from given 3 numbers using only one printf 

5)binary tree(he has given 20,30,40 from these three wht is the root node,wht is left, wht is right node) 

6) Puzzles 
What are the 4 weights used to find 1 to 15 kgs 
Ans:  1,2,4,8 

HR Interview 

In this round HR asked quesons on tell about urself  he askd more quesons on hobbies!
What is software? and some questions on c++,loops in c language 
About Your website 
Your family background 
Finally he has given one topic (Is it necessary to young people enter into politics)