(Paper) WIPRO Latest Campus Placement Paper Pattern At JNTU College of Engineering Anantapur : June 2010

WIPRO Latest Campus Placement Paper Pattern At JNTU College of Engineering Anantapur : June 2010

Company Name: WIPRO
Type : Fresher, Job Interview

Wipro Conducted Placement Drive in JNTU College of Engineering Anantapur on 17th of June 2010.

Hi to all, the selection process is of three rounds:

1. Written test.
2. Technical Interview
3. HR

Written test mainly consists of three sections:
There is sectional cutoff so we have to concentrate on the on all sections evenly....

1. Verbal section 15 questions, Should be very careful in this section...

  • Synonyms 3 questions
  • Antonyms 3 questions
  • Active voice and passive voice 4 questions
  • Direct and indirect speech 2 questions
  • Correction of sentences 3 questions

2. Aptitude it is the easy section 15 questions:

  • Time and distance
  • Percentages
  • Venn diagrams
  • Problems on trains
  • Time and work
  • Binary notations

3. Technical 10 questions:

  • Basics of computer
  • C Questions i.e programs and 2 questions on micro processors

There is sectional cut off and no negative marking. lowest cut off is give for techincal section..Verbal section is more difficult one.. In our college, 200 memers attended for the written test, 100 had cleared the test.

Technical Interview:
1) tell me about youself
2) wat is ur favourite subject
a) operating systems
3) wat is loaders
4) whether linking is done first or loading.

Others) why wipro, u can try for other companies, we can not leave the oppourjunities

5) write a program to interchange two numbers
6) wat is null pointers
7) wat are pointers
8) how pointers are represented
9) how values are assigned to pointers
10) small program for assiging pointers to arrays
11) about pascals triangle
12) about the academic projects
13) asked about the techical papers which i had presented in the resume
14) and finally asked about the essay / short notes which they asked to write the question is"will digital divide india into may countries"

HR Interview:

1) tell about urself
2) why wipro
3) are u willing to relocate
4) how u r different from others
she told not to say hardworking etc etc...
she asked what is swetha?
5) why ur percentage is less in B.Tech than in M.Tech
6) narrate a short story of 2 min

In hr they will mainly concentrate on ur communication skills. Some of the questions asked to my frirnds,

  • Write a program on linked list
  • Process control blocks
  • Unix commands
  • Define compliers loaders linkers


  • Globalization
  • Global warming
  • etc etc on the General topics

Finally 55 cleared the technical interview, 35 selected for Wipro. Finally due to god grace I was one among the 35 members

Exam/Interview Date : 17-Jun-2010
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Techincal Round-1, Client/Manager Interview
Contributor Name : Swetha