(Info) About Wipro WASE Recruitment

(Info) About Wipro WASE Recruitment

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hi guys,

i am mani. i m doing my B.Sc[physics] final year. i got placed in WIPRO WASE event and i want to share my experiences.

First i was exposed to an aptitude test which consisted of following pattern:

  • 20 verbal reasoning
  • 40 analytical
  • 10 basic computer litreacy


the total test was for 1.5 hrs. the test was very tough. the verbal part was very tough. and it needs a lots of excellence in english.
the second part analytical consists of lots of reasoning questions.
computer litreacy comprised of c questions and basic computer questions. and it is the only part which i found very easier.

next is the communication round where we were asked to write a passage on "why india is better than china in software industry" and " a letter to the principal applying to the post of teacher". its just an non elimination round and we were asked to fill up the WASE application form.

later on i was called for technical interview next day and i attended the interview. i am sure that those guys in the interview panel are looking upon our confidence and communication level and nothing else.

in the technical interview first i entered the room with a neat smile in my face. my interrogator welcome me with a smile and i was asked to take my seat. then he asked me "why do you chose software field?" i replied "i am fond of computers and also programming. thats why i am fond of software industry"
then he asked me " why do you select physics instead of computerscience if you are really fond of softwares?" i told him that " i wanted to be an scientist when i studied +2 and later on when i came to my college 2 year and thinking of my future i preferred computer field which gives an attractive salary"
then he asked me about my favorite company neaving wipro?" i quoted Infosys.
then he began to ask me about infosys and i told every thing that i know about infosys. then he told me that i know well about infosys. then he asked me to justify the passage which i wrote the day before. i told him about my opinion and he is impressed. then he told me to meet their HR personnel.

after a few minutes i was called in by the HR personnel. she asked me about my consent and my family's comfort to work in the company and to sign the bond. i gave her a positive reply always. then she told me that they will inform us by our college. (infact every one was told like that). then i came out and my friend told me that results will be announced when those perons leave from the campus and waited for my result. soon after they gone we were announced the result and found my name in the selection list.

thats it about my story. all they want is the light english and good confidence. even if u lose ur confidence in front of them then you ll be sacked out. thats all.

hope my mail will be useful for all who are going to face interview in WIPRO WASE.

thank you!


for more details see WASE HomePage:http://careers.wipro.com/wiprocampus_wase.asp


Courtesy: mani - JobStreet Yahoo Group Member

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