(Tips) Employee Relations Resume Writing Tips

Employee Relations Resume Writing Tips


Employee Relations Resume Template

If you are a beginning employee relations, your resume should not be more than one page. If you have two or more years? experience in this field.

Four required elements:

  • Identification : Include your name, address, phone, and email address. Your name should be in the biggest print on the page, three or four sizes bigger than the other print.
  • Certification : List your certification and any endorsements, and the date.
  • Employee Relations Experience : Use the list of action verbs located on the left of this page to describe your experiences in the classroom. They especially like to read about your classroom management skills/strategies, the employee relations methods you use.
  • Related Experience : This is where you list paid or unpaid work which gave you experiences which will help you be a better employee relations.

Other Optional Elements

The rest of your employee relations resume can include any of the following elements. Again, choose those which sell you as a employee relations the best.

  • Work experience not related to employee relations, science or math : This element is optional because your employee relations experience is what interests principals and other hiring authorities the most. List these jobs in reverse chronological order.
  • Career Objective : This is a statement of what kind of job you?re seeking. (?To obtain an Math position in a secondary school with the opportunity to coach softball, track or swimming.?) Don?t get too flowery or trite; e.g.,?seeking a challenging position??aren?t all employee relations jobs challenging?

Consider the following when you are developing your resume :

Common buzz words to look for include :



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