(Tips) Cover Letters : BODY

Cover Letters : BODY

This is where you tie yourself to the specific position and tell the employer why you would make a good match. It is important that you sell yourself here so the employer will be interested in reading your resume. Talk about your education, related experience, skills and abilities, and the personal characteristics which make you well-suited to the job. When writing the body of the cover letter, use words mentioned in the job description or ad. This will reinforce that you have the skills and experience that the employer is seeking. Finally, when describing your related experience, remember that projects you worked on in school or duties that you carried out while involved with a club or team count as well.


I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in psychology which has provided me with a rich knowledge base directly related to this position, and I have also completed a course in Volunteer Management through the Volunteer Centre of Winnipeg. This has acquainted me with the principles of volunteer recruitment, supervision, and evaluation. I have considerable experience in working with young women in a helping capacity, both through my position as a peer counsellor at the University of Manitoba, and as a camp counsellor for behaviourally troubled adolescents. I also have experience in individual counselling, facilitating discussion groups, and teaching young people about health issues - all of which relate directly to the services which I would be training volunteers to provide within your organization.

Through my education and experience, I have developed strong supervisory and leadership skills, excellent communication skills, and solid counselling skills. In addition, I thoroughly enjoy working with young people, and can easily establish rapport with them. I would bring dedication and commitment to the position.