(Tips) Cover Letters : INTRODUCTION

Cover Letters : INTRODUCTION

In the introduction, you must tell the employer what it is you are sending, identify the position you are applying for, and state how you heard about it (i.e. was it advertised, were you referred, or are you applying on speculation that there may be a job available?). Also, indicate what it is about that company/organization that makes you want to work there. Try to make a positive reference to the organization that you are applying to - everyone likes a compliment.


Please find enclosed my resume in application for the position of Volunteer Coordinator, as advertised in the March 14, 1996 edition of the Winnipeg Free Press. I am aware that your organization provides a wide range of vital services to young mothers and expectant mothers including a prenatal residential program, the Postnatal House, and a relinquishers group. Since I believe firmly in the value of these services, I am excited by the prospect of joining you in serving them.