(Paper) TCS Sample Paper (Greater Noida)

TCS Sample Paper (Greater Noida)

Job Interview, Question Paper  :
TCS Conducted Campus recruitment on 19-20 Jan in Greater Noida. It was a Joint Placement Of C-DAC and Galgotia College. There were around 400 student who took the test. Package was 3.15 L for B.tech and 3.35 L for MCA and Mtech. 2 yrs Bond. There are 4 rounds 1st round: Online test is there, in which theyask Aptitude ,Quant, Reasoning questions.

English is very Difficlut , infact synonyms and antonyms , even Angrez can not do &61514; Quant was very easy. No need to waste ur money in buying RS aggarwal. Reasoning was again bit difficlt,they ask faltu k question.

All questions are from Previous yrs papers in Quant. Apti and Resoining , do Barrons Model Test Papers from12 th edition

2nd Round: Technical Interview They will scan ur resume and ask u question on ur Fav Subject, and Project C question, DATA structures, SQL,OS etc

3 rd Round: HR Interview Wohi sab OLD stuff: tell abt urself, why TCS, Why shud we hire u, strength , weakness etc

4th Round: MR interview Again, same stuff, why TCS etc. All the best. Faltu ka sa paper aata hai, jaise marji kar do No need to prepare any thing, just go and do akad bakad bomabay bo.

No of Rounds :
1. Screeing Test,
2. Techincal Round-1,
3. Aptitude Test,
4. Techincal Round-2,
5. Client/Manager Interview

Location : Noida

Contributor Name : Atul Jain


dis guy atul jain is suffering frm a mental disorder...d way he has written his experience on TCS, makes me think that he did some dick sucking to get his job at TCS..

u need to practice antonyms nd synonyms from the barrons model paper(any edition)..practice old tcs paper for quantitative.they havent changed their pattern as yet..and mug as many critical reasoning answer as u can from GRE BARRONS 12TH EDITION..

technical-for non cs students,C is must with some questions on ur selective subjects
for CS-SDLC(testing),DBMS,C++,java(core)....thats it..tell them as soon as possible ur specialization else ur in peril..

HR-prepare about tcs...vision , awards,plans etc..hr is communication skills and confidence...no body is listening otherwise