(Paper) TCS Placement Paper (Aptitude, Technical, Interview) August 2010

TCS Placement Paper (Aptitude, Technical, Interview) August 2010

Company Name : TCS
Type : Fresher, Job Interview
Exam/Interview Date : 29-Aug-2010
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Client/Manager Interview
Contributor Name : Snehlata Kulkarni

No of Rounds: 4

2.Technical Interview
3.Management Interview
4.HR Interview

Aptitude: I gave my aptitude at 11:00am on 29th of august 2010. This round was online (touch stone ) with +1 for each correct answer and -0.33 for every incorrect answer. In all there were 35 questions to be solved in 60 mins..No verbal questions. Logical And Quantitative Questions on subjects like age, average, series, permutation and combinations etc were asked..the difficulty level was not so high but the questions were lengthy and unnecessarily made complicated.

Half of the question (especially first half) was just to increase the length of question n divert attention..Formulae are also provided for reference which i dinn go to chk whether they wer useful ;)
For age related problems for eg.

Peter and Paul were frnds........After six years Paul vil be twice as old as Peter was when peter was as old as paul..if sum of their ages is 36 find the age of peter.

here we have to solve by considering the options and substituting the value in the equation obtained..This was the nac for these type questions..i got 3-4 age related problms.

A women has some gloves and hats..she has 15 red,37 yellow and 47 white colored gloves in a box..(then some lines just to distract.....)As there is no light, how many minimum no of gloves should she pick so that she has a pair of each color..

A farmer buys a horse for Rs 9 in 2003.(some essay...............) and decides to sell it at Rs 19 in 2006.(..............)he again invests in purchase of horse by purchasing it at Rs 27 in 2009 and selling it t Rs 39 in 2010.....wht is the average profit made.

if the ratio of ages of fathe and son is 6:5 , when will the average of thier ages be 8:7 if the sum of their ages is 44.this question is very simple but contained a lot of unwanted data wich is skipped here.

a girl tries to build a building of 100cc with 5cc,4 cc and 2cc blocks..how many minimum number of blocks vil be required to constrct a buildin of (some given dimension)....

one crape cloth piece of 57inch length is be cut make........the tailor thn decides to use 8cms long and 12 cms wide instead of crape cloth piece..Minimum how many such pieces wil be required...

one scale 10cms wide is kept.another scale of 14cms width is overlapped on this scale.Then the scale of width 10 is placed adjacent .
Again the 14cms scale is overlapped....so on and so forth....How many scales are required to make a combined width of 52cms in the same fashion....

then there was a simple logical question on directions..A man travels 20 kms west then takes a right n goes 7 kms....He takes a right again n travels 20 kms..and moves straight for another 8 kms....find the distance he came frm his orginal position...

some questions regarding series completion and volumes and cisterns was asked..

The results of the aptitude were announced soon and out of the ~380 students who gave the aptitude only 35 were selected for the Technical Round.

Technical Interview:
TR:hello ..
Me: hello sir
TR:tel me somethg abt urself
Me: (told)
TR: what was ur final year proj..
Me: (told)
TR: what is the reason for your low percentage..(an expected question)
Me: (told – please don’t lie here as the interviewer’s r smarter than us. sir was in fact impressed by my honest answer.)
TR: wht languages did u learn in col..
Me: c.c++,java,
TR:Wht is diff bet java n C++.
TR:y do we prefer object oriented languages? Advantages and disadvantages of OO lang..
TR:what is segmentation n paging? Types of segmentation.

Where is a program stored?

What is cache and RAM/ROM.?

WAP to generate diff combination of 3 distinct characters without repetition.(in any lang)

Concepts of overloading, polymorphism ,inheritance and threads was asked.

Management Interview:
I had my MI and TI together..for my MI i was asked all routine questions..
Tel me ur strengths and weakness..
Do u knw whts going on in IT industry..recent activities in IT sector..
y shud i hire u?
Wht do u knw abt TCS? Why do u want to join this company..vil any other company besides TCS do..? Do u have facts and figures to support ur arguments?
Do you have any of your acquaintances in TCS?
Where do you see yourself 5 years later..?
R u ready to relocate?Veg/Nonveg...... etc etc
After this was a complete nail biting tension of TI+MI results.....Some 25 mins later i was taken for HR round.

HR Round:
This was the best interview..all similar questions.....gave a puzzle to solve....asked about diff languages i knew..was made to speak in a few of them.. :) sir was very lenient and hence i din have any sort of uneasiness..  Few hours later at around 6:30pm,our results wer announced and my happiness knew no bounds whn my name was called and everyone around clapped..

Out of 380+ who appeared for aptitude, 35 qualified for the TI and finally after all rounds, only 11 were selected on the second day at Nagpur......I am proud to be among them. Very happy to join TCS family.