(Paper) Latest Syntel Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 12, November 2011


Company Name : SYNTEL

No of Rounds :

  • Aptitude Test
  • GD
  • Technical
  • HR

Aptitude Round:

45 questions in 45 mins.
Cut off : 35 out of 45.

English and reasoning questions.simple puzzles, series, direction sense , blood relations problems.
No need to worry. questions will be simple.

Time is very less. Practice a lot to increase your speed.

only 17 students cleared out of 300.

After a week we were called for GD ....

For GD read newspaper daily. Not only current affairs related topics r given , ABSTRACT topics r given more , like "Circle" , "Harmony" , "Sky is Red ", "Bulb and Tube light ".
so get into the habit of reading !!

Those who cleared GD went for Technical interview.

Technical Round:
Prepare 2 or 3 subjects very well and in-depth for technical round.
you should know about your project well. DFD and ERD are often asked.

Final round was HR interview.

Location : Kolkata
Type : Fresher
Exam/Interview Date : 12 Nov. 2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, GD, Technical, HR
Contributor Name : Simran