(Tips & Tricks) How shall I start preparing for Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Directi Flipkart etc.

How shall I start preparing for Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Directi Flipkart etc.

Since you are a college fresher it does not matter whether you are applying for a service based company or a product based company. So you do not have to do any "special" preparations just because these are product based companies. That said, some things that you can do to crack such companies are -

1. You have to be proficient in at least one programming language. Whether it is C/C++ or JAVA. (knowledge of other languages like Python are also given importance but you should at least have a knowledge of either Java or C/C++). I can speak only for C/C++ here. For the interview purposes you can go through books like "The C programming language by Kernighan and Ritchie and "Test your C skills" by Yeshwant Kanetkar. These books are sufficient to brush up your concepts of C.

2. Other than programming, these companies focus a lot on puzzles and logical ability questions. Over time these questions have become an integral part of interviews for any tech giant. And not only in interviews, most of these companies conduct a written exam based on aptitude questions. There are some very good websites to prepare for such puzzles like Riddles, Brain Teasers and Puzzles (Big Riddles) and Puzzles - XKCD Wiki

3. Now about the core of these interviews, algorithms and data structures. Your best friend in this case will be Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen, popularly known as CLRS. But you can only learn theory from this book and in interviews you will be asked questions based on real life scenarios and you will have to apply these algorithms in those questions. It is very easy to learn the theory, it's the implementation part that is tough. You have to exercise your brain cells just to think what algorithm you should apply in a particular question. For this you need to practice such questions in advance. Competitive programming. Sites like Sphere Online Judge (SPOJ) and topcoder can help you in this case. GeeksforGeeks - A computer science portal for geeks is another useful website to prepare algorithms and data structure questions. Cracking the Coding Interview by Gayle Laakmann McDowell is also an amazing source to prepare for interview questions.

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