(Paper) Samsung India Software Latest Job Placement Paper: 03 March 2012

Samsung India

Company Name : Samsung India Software Operations

Type : Experienced

Hi ,

I have appeared for samsung drive which was for experienced.

It consisted of a GSAT (Global samsung aptitude test) followed by C written test.

GSAT was of 60 mins and there were two sections:-

  • Quantitative ability :- It consisted of 25 data interpretation questions of barchart , piechart . These were very simple , including some percentage related calculations.
  • General Reasoning :- It consisted 25 questions like
There were nine persons F,G , J,K,L,R,S,T,U and there were only three cars out of which one can hold atleast upto 5 persons and other two can hold upto 3 persons atleast. F and G lives in plainfield which is farthest , J ,K ,L lives in whitefield which is second farthest along the same route.R,S,T,U lives in quince which is the nearest. One of the commuter among them has to be the driver. Driver must be from the farthest place from where car will start.

Then there were six set question related to above situations like, out of these who can be driver , who all can sit together.

Second they gave immediate C written test , which consisted 25 questions.

1) 11^ 2 is equal to :

2) What does left shift operation do:

a) Substraction of number.
b) Addition of number.
c) Multiplication.
d) Division

Ans : Division.

3) Consider following program
int z , x=5 , y=10 , a=4 , b=2;
z= x++ + --y*b/a;
prinf("%d" , z);

Predict output ??

4) main()
char * c[] = "I am following you , who are you?";
printf("%c %c" , *(c[0]+4) , *(*(c+0)+9));

5) void increment(int i){
int i=0;

Ans : infinite loop.

5) main(){
int *ptr[] = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9};
int *a;
a= ptr;
printf("%d" , ptr-a);

6) void main(){
int b=0 , a= 10;
b=a++ + ++a;
printf("%d ,%d ,%d" , b,a++,++a);

Predict output??

9) What is difference between definition and declaration?

10) There were 4 questions realated to malloc and calloc.

11)If there are five variables A, B ,C ,D, E , these pushed into stack and then four were popped out and entered into queue. Then two were deleted and then remaining are again pushed into stack.

Then pop operation is performed once , which variable will pop out?? 10)

char *s[]= "hello";
char *ptr ;
ptr = malloc(sizeof(int));
What is wrong in above program
a) memory leak;
b) memory overwrite.
c) Error.

My suggestion is to go thourougly through pointers in C and bit operations in C.

Company: Samsung India
Location : Bangalore
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Technical Round-2, Client/Manager Interview
Exam/Interview Date : 03-Mar-2012
Contributor Name : Sonali