(Resume Tips) How To Write a Killer Resume

How To Write a Killer Resume

Step 1: Before You Write Your Resume

  1. Before you begin constructing a resume, take the time to think about your experience and what type of job you're looking for.
    1. If you're re-entering the workforce, you may pick a different format than someone who's been working continuously.
    2. A recent college graduate will focus more on educational background than an experienced worker.
    3. If you're changing careers, you may opt for a different format than someone who is remaining in his current field.
  2. Take a look at some sample resumes online.
  • Do Research in Your Industry

    1. The type of job you're applying for will also influence the type of resume you write.
    2. If there's a style of resume often used in your desired field, consider using it yourself.
    3. Look at sample resumes from other people in your industry. Is there a section or format they're using? You might want to include it too!
  • Step 2: Use these Resume Writing Tips

    Be honest
    1. It is better to address any gaps in employment than to try to hide them.
    2. Lying on your resume may get you into an interview, but you still have to go through a background and references check to land the job.
    3. If you state you can perform a task or operate a program you actually don't know, your lie will be exposed.

    Be professional
    1. If your email address is funny but unprofessional, it may turn off potential employers.http://www.cnn.com/2007/LIVING/worklife/08/29/cb.resume.irks/index.html5
    2. If necessary, create a new email address solely for resumes (and don't forget to check it for responses!).

    Be Concise
    Write out everything you want to include on your resume. You can trim it down to one page later. CLICK HERE
    If you have over 10 years of work experience, that is important and needs to be included, a resume of two pages is acceptable.

    2. Use easy-to-read fonts and a clear design to make your resume more appealing.

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