(Paper) Qualcomm Latest Placement Paper Pattern - July 2012


Company Name : Qualcomm

Job Profile : VLSI

Its written Paper consisted of Three Sections:

  1. Aptitude & verbal Ability.
  2. Programming
  3. VLSI.

Aptitude was very simple.

Programming Questions:

  1. Which is fastest sort? Bubble Sort, Heap Sort, Shell Sort, Quick Sort.
  2. Which sorting algorithm is implemented in Quick Sort.
  3. Trees & Graphs basic questions.
  4. To find the no. of nodes of a tree, some info was given about it.
  5. Main()


    Printf (“%u”,main);




  1. How do we write comments in VHDL?
  2. RCR, ROR instruction are given, and output of the program has been
  3. RISC is related to POP/PUSH or STA/LDA ??
  4. Half Subtracter Borrow & difference expressions?
  5. XOR gate using NAND?
  6. CL , AL registers in 8086?