PRDC Infotech Pool Campus Placement Paper 2017

I have taken PRDC pool campus interview in my college.
Paper had 100 questions to be answered in 100 minutes.
each carrying one mark each.
Also paper has 3 division programming,Technical and aptitude. In programming thorough with c,c++.
For aptitude prepare only important topics from r s agarwal.
In the technical below questions were asked.
1.Type of test on isolator ?
2. Ideal DC generator has __ regulation.
3. Switching sequence of isolator, CB and earth switch.
4. What type of design does rotor of synchronous generator has?
5. Ybus matrix is a __ matrix?
6. Where does the condition happen 3 phase fault> 1 phase? (In power system)
7.Given f=500Hz, l=500km in which TL model do u model it?
8. Bucholz realy?
9. Synchronous motor usually have p.f of ?
10. Material used to control the chain reaction in nuclear reaction?
11.If voltage controlled bus is treated as load bus, which limit will be violated?
12.Tidal energy make use of?
13.Solar cell made of?
14. With same maximum voltage to earth, Which AC system (p.f 0.8) will require more copper as compared to DC 2 wire system?
 15.Differential Protection employed for?
16. In DC generator Eg proportional to?
17.H=2 for 400MVA then H=? for 800MVA?
18.3 phase 4 wire system has RYB phase sequence with R=230(arg 0) then Y=__
19.DC series motor has rated speed, voltage feeding a constant power load if speed has to be reduced to 0.25 pu. supply voltage has to be reduced to?
20. Normally Zbus matrix is __?
21. In alternator relay protection necessary against against ?
22.Shunt capacitor are connected at a bus in order to__?
23.Inductance realted to length as ?
24.Flux of transformer related to frequency as?
25.Critical resistance of DC generator is the resistance of __?
26.Air filter used in which filter__?
27.On occurrence of unsymmetrical fault, the sequence component which is always greater than negative sequence component is??
BY: manukl