(Paper) Zenqa Latest Job Interview Placement Paper, July: 2011

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Job Interview, Question Paper Writeup : 03-July-2011

Written Test: (Puzzles & Aptitude)

Practice Puzzles For This Round like: find out the No. of Hens and goats if the total No. of legs and heads are given. One question from puzzle test like: Foods comparison ,question is who are same type of food.

If the age of the father is twice of son, and after ten years the father age is thrice the youner sun age and difference between the two sons is 15yrs,then what is the present ages of the father, Elder son, Younger son?

In a school A there are 60% of students passed and 200 students failed. The school B have 200 more children passed than A, then what is decrease % the total students failed in both schools Imp note is options will not be given..

So luck doesn't play a role. U have solve and write the ans.

Duration is 1 Hr. No. of questions are few.

Also we were asked to write a a passage about our future goals etc. Options will not be given. Questions are more like Puzzles, Practise well. I didnt get through written test. But later I got selected for very good company.

Written Test in Programming Skills Interviews .

Company Name: Zenqa
Contributor Name:
Location : Hyderabad
No of Rounds:
Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Technical Round-2, Client/Manager Interview
Exam/Interview Date : 03-Jul-2011