(Paper) WIPRO Fresher Job Interview placement Paper Pattern : 16-Aug-2011

images thumb4 Wipro whole Placement Paper


Number of Rounds-3

(A) 1st round was -written test it had 3 sections-verbal, analytic, technical verbal was very easy, it had questions like water: ice and 4 options given n we have to mark the similar one.
Meanings in paragraphs were asked.
Analytic was tough. Practice online papers and r s Agarwal.
Technical was also tough. Questions from C, pointers, Data structures, OS, C++ were asked.

(B) 2nd day was my technical interview. It was mainly on my industrial training and project, a little bit of java. it was ok. My interview was for about 20min.

(C) then i had my HR interview. He asked me bout myself, then for relocation. It was very gud. Finally after 2days I got selected. All the best.

Company Name: WIPRO
No of Rounds:
Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Client/Manager Interview
Exam/Interview Date: 16-Aug-2011
Location : Noida