(Paper) Wipro Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper : 08-Mar-2011

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Job Interview Placement Paper

Below are the frequent HR Questions.

  • Tell me about yourself
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses
  • Why should I hire you
  • Why you want to join my organization.
  • Will you leave WIPRO after you finish your Masters.

Below are the answers in same order (If you read the first answer carefully you will get the answer of other questions to from it. So mug it up and use it judiciously)

(1) I m Ashutosh (Tell ur Name Only if he has not addressed u with ur Name yet).

  • I m from Buxar, Bihar which is known for its historical and mythological importance as well.
  • Historical Importance-- Battle of Chausa, Battle of Buxar in 1764 between sujaudaulla and east India company.
  • Mythological importance--- Sri Ram stayed with visshwamitra to get rid of Asuras.
  • Now the same forest is called Charitravan (Say these things only when asked)
  • I completed my 10th from M.P. High School, Buxar and 12th from M.V. College Buxar with Bihar State Board.
  • Through my sheer hard work and dedication ,I always tried to maintain quite average academic performance.
  • Apart from academics I never missed any opportunityto participate in extra - curricular activities, which helped me to improve team skills and leadership Qualities .
  • I was captain of my school cricket team , which gave me a chance to enhance my leadership qualities and taught me man and resource management.
  • You can add other extra curricular activities if you have participated especially in college.
  • In order to Persue more focussed and carrer oriented course, i opted for doing BCA .
  • You can tell here your rank in the entrance exam result.
  • Here also , through my hard work i consistently improved myself.

Sir, I m very fast learner and adaptable to quite competitive environment. my Education upto 12th was in Hindi medium, but to make myself capable in today's professional requirement I always tried to improve my English particularly spoken part. As a result , today i find myself at quite comfortable position and i assure u that I will be in regular process of improvement.

Sir, I believe in 3 D's for success DETERMINATION , DEDICATION, and DISCIPLINE. I believe in hard work although sometimes it can be supplemented with smart work, but there is no substitute for hard work.

Being not ultra ambitious , i aspire to be a responsible part of a leading and progressive company like of Urs.
Underlined words are ur strengths. u may add them while telling ur strengths. tell as much as u can.

2) Strengths

  • Team Skill

  • Hard work

  • Fast learner

  • Leadership qualities

  • Man and resource management

Don’t only say these words.

Justify your points with examples as written in the answer of tell me about yourself.
You can repeat the same stuff if Asked.

Weakness - Don’t exactly tell ur emotional or behavioral weekness.

Present ur Weakness such that it looks strength.
You can use below Weakness.

I am a bit impatient in getting the results. I want it very quick which sometimes does not conflicts when I am in any team event and It may become others to cope up with. In short I can say I am a bit aggressive in getting results.
I am working on it taking the help of yoga and suggestions from my peers to improve upon it.
(Its very important to tell you are working on your Weakness to improve).

Along with this you can say you can say that as my voice is a bit high than normal, so sometimes when I try to suggest my ideas it is mistaken as I am imposing it.
I am also working on it.

3) Why should I hire you ? is another way of asking ur strength.

So here again you count on your strengths and tell your aspiration.

4) Why you want to join WIPRO?

  • By asking this question they want to know have you paid attention to their pre placement representation.

  • So give some figures of the WIPRO and say along with the benefit of getting Masters degree you will be glad to be the part of such a reputed and progressive company.

  • Experience in WIPRO will add an extra mileage to your professional knowledge and career.

  • If they say are you happy to join WIPRO in so less salary.

  • The you can say .. no money can substitute the Degree which I will be getting as WASIAN in WIPRO.

  • So I there is no point to be sad about the salary.

5) Never give direct answer to such questions.

Say ,
Sir If I join wipro, then it will always be in mind that this is the company which trusted on my abilities and gave me the first career opportunity.
And as long as my and organization’s aspiration will be in Sync , I don’t think I ll have to think on these lines.

Prepare above answers very well.

Its better you guys make a group of 2-3 people and speak the same in front of other. So that even if you have mugged up the answers it wont look like that Remember onething , interviewer knows what you gonna say.. Probably he listens the same answer from everyone…But he wants to see whether you have done  preparations or not. Because they think if you are not gonna serious noww then you cant be serious about work also.

Always keep positive mind frame.
Prepare well for written part also. As you will get the chance to put these answers only if you clear the written.

Don’t take it lightly… Prepare well because now a days there is no scarcity of people for this job as It gives extra advantage of MS.

Company Name: WIPRO   
No of Rounds:
Client/Manager Interview
Exam/Interview Date: 08-Mar-2011
Location : Kolkata