(Paper) Wipro Technologies Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper : 17-Mar-2011

images thumb4 Wipro whole Placement Paper

WIPRO Technologies

Job Interview Placement Paper

Rounds: 3

Interview Questions Asked:

1. What is static array?

2. Difference b/w class and structure?

3. with four 1's, what is the largest number can be made?

4. What is greatest even prime no?

5. What if main is private in java?

6. What if class is public in java?

7. What if class is private in java>

8. What is the diff b/w malloc and calloc?

9. We have 2 jug of 5l and 2l..measure exactly 4l in 5l bowl?

10. A Thief runs 20m on each day and police run 1m on ist day, 2m on 2nd day, 3m on 3rd day.....and like that......what is the total no of days in which police will capture the thief?

Company Name: WIPRO Technologies
No of Rounds:
Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Client/Manager Interview
Exam/Interview Date: 17-Mar-2011