(Interview) WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 06th April 2011

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Type : Fresher

Hi friends this is Muthu Kumar. I really happy to contribute my interview experience to Placementpapers..
WIPRO Came To Our Campus on May 6th and 7th as a on compus.

The Wipro Selection Procedure:

  1. ASP
  2. Technical Interview
  3. HR Interview

Written Test :

Aptitude test: There were Three Sections.

1.Verbal-20 Qns
Passage-5 marks
Active/passive voice-4
It was bit easy..sectional cutoff for all 3 sections..in verbal I think 10..

2.Quantz-20 qns
Time and Distance-2
Train -2
Number series -2
Some logical qns very easy to clear this section only if u r through with R.S aggarwal..
6 or 7 Qns r very easy..(no need practice)
5 Qns moderate..
only 5 qns r tough..

3.Technical-10 qns
Here is the elimination ..if u get through into next round .u sud put more pressure on this section..
No problem I have a soln..get a gate 2011(IT) book and solve c qns defintly 2 or 3 qns frm this.
3 or 4 qns from c programs..
Unix-1,dont get affraid only basic qns..
ds-(infix to postfix form)very important..
and basic hardware qns.

Technical Interview:

From 400 students 140 cleard aps,and there were 7 panels.

  • me:gud mrng sir,
  • sir:gud mrng.take ur seat.
  • sir:tel me wht r u subjects u know in ur stream(iam frm IT)
  • me:dbms,ds,os,networks..
  • sir:he starts qns frm networks..wht r al the OSI layers
  • me:told.
  • sir:wht s physical layer.
  • me:told.
  • sir:then he was deeply into the networks,
  • me:iam struggled and said sir iam not familiar with networks,i realy intrested in dbms..
  • sir:ok.tel me about ddl, dml..
  • me:told with a confidence.i was explained with example..
  • me:my interview last for 45 mins (i had a qns frm dbms 30 mins)so frnds be confident atleast concentrate one subject from your stream),i told all the qns correctly.
  • sir:he smiled and give the hr form..and said do well in hr.
  • me:hand shaked and thanks sir

HR Interview:

From 140 students 75 cleard technical interviewand my turn to hr

sir:tel me abt ur self..

me:told with confidence..one kindly req to al(u sud say other than wht u r put in ur resume) strength,goals,hobbies,achievments in ur academics)

sir:he impresed with my answer.

sir:do u hav any backlog.

me:no sir..

sir:do u hav any qns..(frnds there is elumination in hr also so if u r asked for these kind of qns dont say i dont know,you sud SAY some qns to him)

me:sir,wipro is the first company certified as SEICMM LEVEL 5 standard..wht s meant by that sir.

sir:he really impressed and told for 5 mins..and said u got it.

me:yes sir,thanks sir..

Finally result announced out 75 only 70 cleard iam also amoung one of them ..I really happy..
so frnds dont lose ur confident wipro is my 20th company. Tcs is my first company I was rejected from hr round.inally god gave me golden oppurtunity tats wipro...

Verbal Ability:

The first few questions were on synonyms type.
The second section, choosing an appropriate articles.
Third and fourth sections were paragraphs ( two paragraphs), one on E - Commerce and another on DBMS - database management systems.

Analytical Reasoning:

  • In this section, some questions were very easy, and some were confusing. This section consumes more time so you should do it at last.
  • First 5 to 6 questions were based on Vendiagrams ( Refer R. S. Agarwal Verbal & Non - Verbal Reasoning Puzzle Test chapter), Percentage and profit loss.
  • Another 5 questions on BODMAS rule.
  • Another 5 questions on replacing 0 with * and 1 with $.
  • Another 5 to 6 questions were on Cubes ( Refer R. S. Agarwal Verbal & Non - Verbal Reasoning)

No of Rounds : Aptitude Test
Date : 06-May-2011
Contributor Name : MuthuKumar