(Paper) VERIZON Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper: 02-Dec-2011



Time management is very much important for crack the Verizon aptitude. Just practice. Practice and Practice that's the only way to succeed. Normally they will collect papers after each sections I heard. But, this time they gave a booklet contains all parts questions on it (verbal, analytical, attention detail, c and data structures)


1-5 Questions on Articles one sentence contains three dashes. I am not remember the exact questions. the options will be combination of a, an the and not required. like this

  • 1)a/a/the
  • 2)the/a/no article required
  • 3)a/a/a
  • 4) no article required/ no article required/ no article required

Two passages. Each contains 5 questions.

  • 1 ) one passage from dbms (we can answer without reading the passage.
  • 2)one passage from cgi (common gateway interface). this passage is quite tough to read and ans.

Analytical part set question from a passage (about bird sanctuaries)

  • i)3 bird sanctuaries only cranes
  • ii)the difference of owl sanctuaries and sparrow is 1
  • iii)5 bird sanctuaries both cranes and sparrows.
  • iv)no bird sanctuaries contain both owl and crane

Found the sanctuaries crane only, the number of sanctuaries owl is present, found the santuaries owl only sanctuaries (like this. not a exact ques) a student is 7 th from first, and 29th from last found the position of the student questions like (find the ans from the statements.u must found which statement is use full for found the ans)

  • i)first statement only enough for find the ans
  • ii) Second statement only enough for find the ans
  • iii) both i&ii statements needed for find the ans
  • iv)I,ii statements both not required to find the ans

U must select one from the choices based upon the ques. geetha want to buy shoe and purse that will match her pink dress. Find the statement she will buy shoe or not. Statement

  • i) if she buy purse also she will buy shoes
  • ii) She did not buy shoe then also didn’t buy purse

Like this 5 questions both logical and mathematical ques. A passage with conditions given like this( not a exact one )

  • i) a=0
  • ii) b=a+1
  • iii) c=a+b-1
  • iv) d=c-b

U must work out the above type of conditions for 5 loops ans the 5 questions asked about this .quite easy.The last five ques from dices. Normally they will ask about cubes. But they changed the pattern to dices. So be prepare for dice questions also. R.S. Agarwal non verbal reasoning is very useful for that.


Follow the directions given below to answer the questions that follow

Your answer for each question below would be
876345 876445 873645

A if all three items given in the question are exactly alike. b if only the first and second item are exactly alike. c if only the first and third item are exactly alike. d if only the second and third item are exactly alike. e if all three items are different  easy 5 questions like this.

Another 5 questions with the pattern ,stands for+,/ stands for- This type of questions.This questions will take too much of time to solve.So be prepare to solve quickly. Another 5 questions from conditions for a job like.

  • I) must finish the degree with min 60% of marks
  • ii) for sc/st candidates min 55% marks
  • iii) candidate 2 years experience with ME degree will be principal.

The 5 questions will asked about a person he is eligible for the job or not based upon his qualification.C Another 5 questions like above job ques with different conditions will be asked. C and DS part Very tough to choose the ans.QUESTIONS ON PROGRAMMING FROM PREORDER,STACK,QUEUE,DFS ALGORITHM  Hope this will give idea to crack Verizon question paper.

Company Name: VERIZON
No of Rounds:
Aptitude Test
Exam/Interview Date: 02-Sep-2011