(Paper) Verizon Fresher Job Written Placement Paper: 2 September 2011


Company Name : Verizon
Type : Fresher
Job Interview Paper: Hello friends,

I am Bairavi. I attended verizon written test on 02 sep 2011.

As Usual there are Four Sections:

  • Verbal - 20 Questions
  • Analytical -25 Questions
  • Attention In Detail -20 Questions
  • Technical (C & Data Structure)-10 Questions

and the total time was 90 minutes..

In verbal 1st 10 questions were prepositions & articles.
some of them are

1.______terms of money,....
a) in
b) on
c) for
d) to

2. Gossip pretended______the house
a) above
b) around
c) over
d) below

3.____guy enters his head into____barber shop......
a) the the
b) a a
c) The a
d) a the

& the next 10 questions from passage. simple 1 passage was about DBMS & other was about c++.

In Analytical,

1.venn diagram problem, the question was There are 15 bird sanctuaries 5 sanctuaries for cranes.

  • the difference b/w sparrow stayed & owl stayed is 1
  • In 2 sanctuaries both cranes & sparrow r stayed
  • In 1 sanctuaries both sparrow & owl r stayed.& 5 question related to this passage

2. blood relation question.

3. rank question like she is 7th rank from the 1st & whats her rank from the last in the class of total strength 30.

4.direction que.5 steps from north & then 2 steps towards west

5. data sufficiency question of tank, dividend,...

6.work sum

In Attention in Detail:

1st 4 questions are like similarity finding

1.a) 9867122
b) 9876122
Answer: A & c are alike.

2. replaces * by +,-by /,+ by *, / by - in this type there are 6 questions

3. A passage about selection criteria.. like the relaxation of ages for sc candidate is 5 years. all candidates should have 60% in all 10th 12th degree.

1.Ramesh is a candidate.he has passed degree with 58% he is
a) selected
b) rejected
c) cant say
d) data sufficient
Answer: b) rejected

in this type there were 2 passage totally 10 questions

step 1: A=2
step 2: B=A+1
step 3: c=A^2
step 4: A=c

am not sure about ques & 5 ques related to this like

  1. what is the value of A after 3 repeatation..
  2. what is the value of b in 3rd process.

In technical 5 questions were from c & next 5 questions were from Data Structure Most of the questions are from pointers, inorder, DFS, search

For me the only problem is time.so practice well to manage the time. My best wishes to all.

Exam/Interview Date : 02-Sep-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test
Contributor Name: Bairavi