(Paper) TCS Placement Paper: 27-Aug-2011

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I've gone Through the TCS Campus Placement drive in our college- P.V.P. Siddhartha institute of technology, Vijayawada.

We had Three Rounds:

  • Touch stone (written test)

  • Technical interview

  • HR interview

And top 5 Members(till date) of ECE,CSE,IT,ECM asnd EEE had no written test and they were directed directly to the technical interview round.
My experiences are as follows I'd a great experience in attending this campus drive.
Actually I'd no written test and i was directed directly to the TR.I gathered information from my friends that the written test was a little bit hard and they have  covered the previous placeMent papers patterns and it will be easy if we had a good practice of such models.

Those who have short listed from the test will be sent to TR.

My TR interview was done like this...

  • Sir: ya coMe in..

  • Me: thanku Sir,good evening.

  • Sir: good evening.take ur seat

  • Me: thanku Sir.

  • Sir : (had a look into my cv).so sailaja speak about urself

  • Me: told(concentrated mostly on my academics,paper presentations)

  • Sir:(rouse soMe questions within that)

  • Me: answered

  • Sir: so being topper of ECE,why ur moving towards software.

  • Me: told my reason for selecting electronics and my reason to work in software job(impressed)

  • Sir: so what are ur interesting subjects

  • Me: electronics devices and analog communications

  • Sir: he asked soMe questions like classifications of electronic devices,inrenal working of zener and normal doide,their comparisions,regarding schottky diode and so on...(answered)

  • Sir: how do u rate urself in c?

  • Me: i think I'm good at basics and small logic programs

  • Sir: so u r good at writing programs let us do suMe paper work (gave Me a paper and told to write one logic and explain it)

  • Me: (not done perfectly but done upto the mark).

  • Sir: ok sailaja fine thanku

  • Me: thanku (went out of the room and really felt very cool regarding the interview and it was happened about 40 mins.I felt relaxed)

Next shortlisted for HR
My HR interview was done as follows...

( I was sent to stress interview panel.Really felt tensed after listening that i have to go there but later i felt very comfortable during interview but the interview was  happened very seriously)

  • Sir: coMe in..(seriously looking at Me)

  • Me: good evening Sir

  • Sir: good evening plz take ur seat

  • Me: thanku Sir(smiling at him)

  • Sir: speak about urself (and this was happened for Me about 20 mins...spoken abt myself for 20 mins i felt really tensed during this but i made myself cool and continued and interviewer went on listening seriously looking at Me without saying Me to stop)

  • Me: stopped myself after 20 mins and smiled at Me

  • Sir:(smiling) how can u speak for such a long tiMe and such fluently and told a long story about you.

  • Me: (felt tensed listening to his words) smiled at him again..i felt very comfortable with him. he is really friendly towards Me

  • Sir: ok let us go through one situation...give rating to three of your friends as 1 2 3 and justify your rating

  • Me: (told)

  • Sir : ok.will u write bond for TCS for 2 years

  • Me : yes

  • Sir : will u go to the place wherever i have posted u

  • Me : sure Sir

  • Sir : can i enquire about urself

  • Me : yes

  • Sir : had any problem regarding that?

  • Me : sure Sir not a problem u can go with any enquiry regarding Me.

  • Sir: had any queries to ask Me?

  • Me : heard that the work environMent will be gud in TCS through my relatives and friends how can u justify that Sir?

  • Sir: (spoken very pleasantly) u have to work with TCS and u should give us feedback as we may say that we will be very friendly with employers and so on..

  • Me : k Sir

  • Sir: had any queries more?

  • Me: ur gud naMe Sir?

  • Sir : (told)

  • Me : ok fine Sir

  • Sir: ok sailaja,it's a nice talking to u..very good(gave Me a shakehand)

  • Me: thanku Sir....nice talking to u too Sir

  • Sir: ok bye good night

  • Me: good night Sir ( left the place)

These are my interview experiences and felt very satisfied regarding the interview and the interviews were very friendly with us..had a great experience with them...enjoyed the day..So guys wishing u all the very best for your placeMent drives and prepare well for the interviews and wishing u gud luck

Company Name: TCS
No of Rounds:
Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Client/Manager Interview
Exam/Interview Date: 27-Aug-2011