(Paper) TCS Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper: 30 August 2011

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Company Name : Tata Consultancy Services
Type : Fresher
Job Interview Paper:

There were 2 rounds for the selection process.

  • Online Aptitude Test
  • Personal interview

The Online Aptitude Test contained 35 questions, and we had 80 mins to complete them.

Questions were all based on quantitative reasoning, Pattern of questions where similar from previous years, in some cases the data was changed and/or a little twist was added.

Going through the sample papers they released for 2011, 2012 was good enough to crack it.

The Personal Interview Round was held on 1st September.

  • Candidates faced a panel of either 1 or 2 interviewers.
  • Both technical and non technical questions were asked.

My personal experience was facing 1 interviewer, and the interview was mainly non technical.

Was asked what I do apart from academics, who is my favorite footballer
(as I had mentioned Football as a hobby in my CV) etc, and it was an enjoyable session of casual chatting for about 15mins.

More than anything, they were looking at communication skills, and analytical thought. We have a lot to say sometimes, but its important to frame them in the correct order.

From the technical questions that were asked to my friends, nothing in-depth was questioned. Basic C concepts like loops, recursion, sorting techniques, basic SQL queries were asked. Again it was how the answer was presented, and how we went about it that was noticed, and not so much the answers itself.

Hope this helps you in your preparation for TCS. Good luck to all.

Exam/Interview Date : 30-Aug-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Client/Manager Interview
Location : Kolkata
Contributor Name : Agni