(Paper) TCS Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper: 16 December 2010

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Company Name : TCS
Type : Fresher
Job Interview Paper: TCS Recruitment Experience

Hello friends,

This is niveditha I would like to share my experience of recently concluded TCS recruitment in our campus on 15th and 16th of Dec. Well I consider myself really fortunate enough to have ended in the successful side. Many of us have a general feeling that since TCS is taking in large numbers so getting placed in TCS is a Cakewalk, but I would not totally but partially disagree. I mean yeah for few it can be a Cakewalk but not are fortunate enough.

TCS dates were given well in advance. About 15 days before. And the news coming from different colleges and students participating for TCS campus recruitment weren’t that pleasing. So it made me to realize that a great amount of effort was needed to make myself selected for TCS.

For us the recruitment had three rounds.

  • Aptitude
  • TR round (technical interview)
  • HR round

For us the top 5 rankers were exempted from aptitude and they received direct entry to round 2.
But I was not lucky enough to get Green Channel. So I had to prepare for the aptitude.

DAY 1:


Nearly 358 members appeared and around 210 cleared the aptitude round.
The questions that will appear here are not that difficult but they were tricky. And it involved lot of logical thinking behind each and every question.
This year we didn’t had any verbal section (Thank God…!) But we can’t be sure about next year’s pattern. So better be prepared for anything.
Below I am giving a sample screen shot of my mock paper; this will help you out in understanding this pattern.
You will be provided with training by our college management. And I must tell THIS WILL BE REALLY USEFULL…
There will be total of 35 questions given. And you will get a total of 80 min to solve them. Beware there is negative marks (1/3rd). And there even could be upper and lower cut off marks. For us there was no upper cut off. And we were not sure of the lower cut either.
After writing we were waiting for the results, which came out in the evening.

DAY 2:


My technical round was scheduled in the morning and I was really prepared for it. Generally it will be enough if you are perfect with 3 languages (C, C++, and java) and 2 or 3 other core subjects (OS, DBMS, SE or anything else). They can ask you your areas of interest. But this is not compulsory or mandatory. So I would suggest you to learn basics of almost all important core subjects.

Here is the way my interview started.
I entered the room, greeted him.

TR: Good morning. Take your seat.
ME: (I sat) thank you sir.

TR: So Mr. Shahabaj. Tell me something about yourself.
(This is a real tricky question which can really make or break your interview. So be prepared and construct a unique answer)
ME: I answered.

TR: How many days are there in a semester?
ME: sir, 180 (approx.)

TR: How many hours are there in a sem?

TR: What are your hobbies?

Next few questions were on my hobbies.

TR: Tell me about your project in BHEL?

He looked really satisfied after my answer and was happy.

TR: Anything you want to ask me?
ME: thank you for this offer, but at present I don’t have anything to ask you sir.

TR: Nice talking with you. All the best for next rounds.
ME: thank you sir.

After a sort of satisfying TR interview I was confident for getting selected for HR round.

I got a call for HR round in about 45 min after my TR interview.


Preparation wise be perfect with some most frequently asked questions like

1) tell me about yourself
2) why only tcs
3) why should I hire u
4) strengths and weaknesses
5) After 5 yrs where would you find your self in TCS.
6) You have to pay 50,000 if u break the bond. Will u pay??

My HR round didn’t last for more than 5 min.

I entered the room greeted the lady.
She was really cheerful. And I was basically asked question on my hobbies and other basic stuffs.
Since I was not a native of AP she asked me questions about it. And even I was asked few general questions about AIR FORCE and WEST BENGAL.
My HR round was over at around 2:30 pm. Then started a long long wait of about 8 hours or so. Results came at 10:30 pm. And when I heard my name I was ecstatic, cloud 9.

Around 121 members were selected from our college.
Do’s and Don'ts


1) Prepare the selected subjects and for aptitude well in advance.
2) Complete it well before 24 hrs when the recruitment starts. Last minute preparation will make you lose everything you studied.
3) Be as fast as you can.
4) Be prepared with what all you filled your resume. Because whole of your interview will be based on those two pages of resume.
5) Make your resume look neat, short (2 pages), and only include correct information. HR’s will be much intelligent too validate your resume.
5) Be confident at the interview. Have a sound sleep before the previous night of the interview, be fresh and more over eat well.
6) Be perfect with most frequently asked questions. Tell it yourself a couple of time.
6) Be prepared with a good question about TCS .You should be ready to ask a question if you were given a question.
7) Always try to answer the question. If you say I don’t know, it immediately show your lack of interest to answer the question.
8) Be perfect in some latest advancements in technology in your area/field. Sometimes these are also asked.
9) Scan through the company profiles of sister companies and big giants in software. MRs sometimes ask questions not only about TCS but also ask about other companies. For example “who is the Coe of apple computers”.
10) Greet the interviewer while entering the cabin and while leaving the cabin .Its a must.
11) If your ordered anything like tea/snacks, its your wish to take it or not. If you take it, its must to thank him. And if you don’t want ,say him “No thanks”.
12) If you have any seminars, paper presentations or any as such, mention them in your resume. When interviewer asks about it, you can eat up 5-10 mins of the interview time.


1) Never try to show that the interviewer is wrong. It will hurt his ego.
2) Don’t try to be over smart. Sometimes you will be easily caught.
3) Don’t lean too much or don’t be much relaxed when sitting before the interviewer.
4) Don’t get panic if you are insulted or scolded by interviewer .Its just a tactic played by them. Show a positive response in such a situation.
5) Don’t put unnecessary things in your resume. Sometimes it will bring a negative impression on your resume.
6) Don’t utter a word about your higher education. The immediate next question is “if you are planning for higher education then why should we recruit you”.
Hopefully this will help you out.

Exam/Interview Date : 16-Dec-2010
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Client/Manager Interview
Location : Hyderabad
Contributor Name : Shahabaj