(Paper) Tata Consultancy Services Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper: 13 September 2011

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Company Name: Tata Consultancy Services
Type: Fresher
Job Interview Paper: Tata Consultancy services

Hi friends!

I had been through the most crucial 48hrs of my life. Starting from the day we were called for PPT(Pre Placement Talk). it was of around 2hrs. Then the selection process started. Which included WRITTEN with 3 other rounds.

  • MR
  • HR

The Written or say aptitude round comprised of 35 questions which are to be answered in 80minutes of time. the questions were from 450 set of questions provided by TCS itself.

after clearing the written test, we were ready to face the interview panel the very next day.

My first round was of Technical

In it I was asked about my projects (minor & training projects)
I explained it.

Other than this there was no technical question asked to me. instead the interviewer asked about my family my mentor, my strength with a real life example justifying them. He asked me if during Project if one of our team member is absent at the last day of submission and we are unable to submit our project on time what i will do?
I answered i would inform my head about the whole matter and would try to complete the project as soon as possible.
He was satisfied with my ans.

He then asked me that who will be the most happiest person if I got selected. I answered MY MOM. so he laughed and said You will not be happy or what?
I replied of course I will. This was all about my Technical round (which was more of Hr not technical)

Call it as my luck just after my technical round within 5minutes I was infront of a beautiful lady who was my HR interviewer. I called it as my luck because later i came to know that it was my HR+MR round 2gether.

She first called out my name and asked me did she pronounced that correctly. I said Yes. As my Last name is SHAH, she asked me R u Gujarati?
I said No.

Than she asked which language do we speak at home?
I replied hindi while my dad speaks Gujarati.

She was having my Registration form and resume with her. Due to some reasons I have uploaded my photograph that was not a professional. So she said in a taunting way that ur photo seems as if u r giving it to a matrimonial website.
I replied Sorry Madam It was my last minute work.

than she asked do i really planning to marry?
I replied NO. at least not in 5year span.

Den looking through my resume. she viewed my hobbies that included COOKING. She asked me what all I can cook?
I answered Chinese, Gujarati and Madwadi Food.

she asked my favorite Dish.
in nervousness I replied PIZZA.

So she asked the recipe to cook PIZZA. Staring from buying the base from market to serving it in a dish with tomato ketchup I explained her everything.

Den she asked about what kind of Marwadi food I cook?
I replied Bati. she asked me its recipie also.

After I answered she came on my second hobby of reading Novels. She asked me what kind of Novels Do I read i replied Fictional. she asked me to tell some of the novels I said all 4 novels by chetan bhagat, Anything 4u madam, Indian Memsaab.
On hearing those names she asked me if I m Feminist. I replied I don't know what exactly a feminist means?

she explained it that those are interested in the welfare of uplifting the women's. I said NO. Than suddenly she fired a ques What is my opinion about Gay and Homo sexuals?
From this sudden question I was exclaimed but I replied Its sort of their will. every person has right to live their life their own way.

Later from my teachers I found dat my answer was not satisfactory Instead of this my ans should be like Its a sort of harmonial imbalance. and is a disease which can be due to many reasons.

Then her next question was if 1 day i came to know about my best friend dat she is liesbeian, what will be my reaction? i replied I will continue with my friendship and will not interfere in her life.( this was also not a good answer, instead i should have replied dat i will try to convince my friend and will ask her to seek medical help)

This was all about my MR round which later on i came to know that it was my HR + MR and finally i was selected in just 2 rounds.
So now i am a part of TCS family.

All the Best!!

Exam/Interview Date: 13-Sep-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test
Contributor Name : Chhavi