(Paper) TCS Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper: 10 December 2011

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Company Name: TCS
Type : Fresher
Job Interview Paper: Hi All, I attended the TCS interview yesterday

It consists of 3 rounds

ROUND1:- Written Test

Only Quantities Aptitude (Just prepare 70 patterns of TCS it is more than enough to crack the Written)

ROUND2:-Tech Interview

ME: May I come in sir,
Yes please come in

ME: Good Evening Sir
TR: Good Evening Please take your seat

ME: Thank You Sir
TR: In which Areas you are more interested?

TR: What is Strictly Binary Tree?

ME: A strictly binary tree is a binary tree in which every node has an out degree either 0 or 2.
TR: What is self Referential Structures?

ME: A member of a structure which is pointing to the same structure type is called Self Referential Structure
TR: OK, Write the syntax of it

ME: struct Node
int data;
struct Node *next;

TR: Why we declare main() as static in java program?
ME: Because main() is executed by JVM with Classname. main (commandlineargs);

TR: What is the super class of awt components?
ME: Component Class

TR: What is the super class of all classes in java?
ME: Object class

TR: OK, Apart from Programming Languages?

TR: OK,Tell me about Data Model?
ME: A data model is a collection of tools for describing data, data semantics, data abstraction etc

TR: What is candidate key?
ME: A minimal super key is called Candidate Key

TR: What is Relational Database?
ME: A RD is a database which uses tables to store the data.

TR: OK, Tell me about your mini project?
My role in this project is PROJECT LEADER. The main aim of this project is to automate the functions of the librarian and to provide the complete info about the list of availability of books in our college library. First we spend 10 days for gathering requirements and to gather the info about the problems of existing system .Later, i go for designing phase of my project and i decided to do the project by module wise . I design the project into two modules 1)student module 2)librarian module. I assigned work to my project team. Later i conduct review meetings once for a week. And i also tested this project by deploying this project in my college server and i take the feedback from my friends and staff our college who used this website. After this i do some modifications to the project. And finally it is launched successfully by our HOD.

Remember friends only if he asks then only draw the layout Here oral presentation is more important.

TR: Ok, very nice you did your project very well you are good in conveying the message you are communicating well
ME: I gave smile and said thank u sir

TR: Give rating to yourself in programming?
ME: 7 sir

TR: Why 7?Why no 10?
ME: No programmer in this world is perfect sir

TR: Ok, write a program to print like this

ME: Logic:
for(i=1;i {

TR: Ok, good, nice, you are excellent in programming
ME: Thank god i impressed him a lot

TR: OK,Thank You Bharath
ME: Thank you very much sir

After sometime list was displayed who are selected to HR Round


ME: May I come in sir,
HR: Yes please come in

ME: Good Evening Sir
HR: Good Evening Please take your seat

ME: Thank You Sir

HR: Tell me about yourself and your family?
ME: Good Morning sir,
Firstly I would like to thank u for giving me an opportunity to introduce myself
I am bharath from tirupathi.
Now i am in Perusing my final Batch in CSE from RGMCET with an aggregate of 75%
I did my intermediate from Vivekananda Education Academy with 96%
I did my schooing from Vivekananda Vidya Mandir with 87%
My father is a farmer and my mother is a good home maker
My strengths are Hard working, confident and disciplined
Iam a team worker and I like working in a group because no one in this world knows everything we have to share our knowledge and it will be helpful to the growth of the organization as wel as me. My short term goal is to get a job in TCS which I feel a better place to put my theoretical knowledge to practical work.
My long term goal is to see TCS as worlds no.1 IT firm and I would like to be a part of its success.
Thank you sir.

HR: Thank you Bharath
ME: Thank you very much sir.

On the next day morning results are announced iam also one of the selected candidates All the best Guyssssss MEET me in TCS

Exam/Interview Date : 10-Dec-2011
No of Rounds : Technical Round-1