(Paper) TCS Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper: 02 September 2011

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Company Name: TCS
Type : Fresher
Job Interview Paper: Hi all, Let me share my Exp in TCS on 2,sep 11

There are 2 Rounds in TCS:

  • Aptitude
  • Tech + HR

As my collage is one of the top colleges. Students who have % 75 and above can enter into direct interview process.

I thought interview will afternoon and i went to collage in a relaxed manner. But they asked us to gather in auditorium at 8.30 a.m. At 9 a.m. the interview process started. I was called at 10.am I was blank b4 entering into the panel. I mean without any fear. I just coolly entered into the panel. He was watching me form the moment i entered into the panel.

Me: May I cum sir
HR: Please wait (I was waiting with my file, by looking at him)

HR: please cum, take your seat
ME: God morning sir

HR: God morning, me your file (i gave.. by looking at my resume, he asked me tell me about urself)
Me: Told my name, collage, papers I have presented, project, my strength (his reaction for all these.. mmm oh.. i c.. ahhmm… oh.. etc ) My resume was about 3 pages. By looking at my achievements info.. he started asking me Q

HR: oh, you have got gold coin fa getting centum?
Me: yeah sir with smile (he was noticing my reaction)

HR: Tel me about your final yr project
Me: Explained him the outline of my project for 5 min

HR: Oh, hm your area of interest s networks??
Me: yes sir, coz I have put it in my resume

HR: What you know about networks??
Me: told few imp topic where am familiar

HR: Well, Do u no about current trends?? What s meant by RFID?
Me: Told oli few points. I used the term GPS in my answer He asked what is meant by GPS. I told.

HR: By lukin at my resume. Won 1st prize in mu p programming? Ok tell me what were you asked to do in tat event
Me: told. He then asked to write any one prog in mu p I wrote 1 program in which am familiar
He asked me to explain the paper which i have presented in conference I explained. In bw he asked abt my father n family background. I told.
He asked my weakness. I told am more frank, so tat it ll create prob among my friends He asked me.. ‘hw many friends did u lose coz of tat?’

Me: no sir, none. I ll not allow any of my friends to go from me. I can convince any type of person. Tat’s my strength too.
HR: Smiled. He again asked me to explain my paper which won first prize in symposium

Me: Explained
He asked me 2 logical Q by putting venn diagram. May be to check my presence of mind. I answered. I was sure tat 1 of my answer is right. Am nt sure abt another ans. But still i boldly told ya am sure when he asked me ‘Are u sure??’

Then he asked me ‘u have mentioned tat u had undergone ipt in bsnl. Can u tell me what did u learn in tat?? I answered. It tuk 20 min.. Then he started asking me HR Q Y should i select u?

I told my strengths, and told i could achieve sum thing What you no about software y should i select u??
I told i know basics of C n Cpp

Then he asked me few Q in C He asked me to write a prog to swap w/o using intermediate variable.
I wrote..

He asked me are u confident? I said yes sir am damn sure.

HR: hmm.. If u get core company, u ll leave this right??
Me: no sir, TCS s my dream company

Hr: he smiled. If u get selected, he stressed again if “yu” get selected only.. (I smiled) hw long ll u work in tcs
I said until i achieve, I ll cum out of tcs.

Hr: How long tat ‘until’ mean?
Me: no idea sir, til nw

Hr: y do u prefer software.. being an ece student
Me: told many reasons.. tat i have interest in both. Even in software like matlab, Xilinx where we work on, software is related. So i would like to work in software too.. etc

Then he asked me where am i from.. i told xxx. Hw long it ll take to travel frm here.

Do u like your collage ?
I said ya i just love my collage.

Hr: would u like to relocate??
Me: wit pleasure

Hr: being a female candidate, hw can u relocate
Me: It doesn’t matter sir, i can manage

Hr: if u r married, n your husband say, no need of job. Then u ll leave your job right??
Me: no sir, i can convince any kind a person including my hubby.

And few more Q.. i don rem exactly

Finally he asked me do u have any Q fa me?
I said yes. And asked what do u like in tcs? He answered.

Then i said 1 more Q, and asked hw should i b prepared during my vocation, b4 i get into tcs if am selected.
He told.

Then he said, thanks nice to meet you. U can go.
I said thanx and came out with smile.

The results was announced at 10.45 p.m. I was waiting eagerly for the result nearly 9 hours. Atlast, am one of the people who got selected, felt very happy. Thanks to Placement Papers. It helped me lots to gain my confidence. Here is my contribution  My tips to u is.. b bold, smile.. b sure of what u speak. Never use the word ‘dont’. Kindly prepare what s given in your resume. Wish u all success See U in tcs.

Exam/Interview Date: 02-Sep-2011
No of Rounds : Technical Round-1
Location : Chennai
Contributor Name : Prema