(Paper) TCS Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper: 02-Sep-2011

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TATA Consultancy Services

Number of Rounds-4

  • Aptitude Test
  • Technical Round 1
  • Technical Round 2
  • HR Round

Aptitude Test :

35 Questions --80 min. my personal Suggestion for those who really want to join TCS  don't go through R S Agarwal .bcz it took lots of time to solve problems .just clear your concepts from this book n to crack Aptitude. 1ly solve all the Questions that are posted on this Site under TCS zone . because lots of question for me were repeated .out of 35 almost 15 Questions were repeated. n for Exam there is 1/3rd negative marking system. n i totally solved almost 26 Question  fronds if u crack apti then u will have 70+% chances of final selection Ques were like this m writing some of them 

  • 2 Questions on Maxima n minima i don't remember this xactly bcz i had left both the que
  • 3 que on this like 9 progarm type 9 line in 9 min. so how many prog will require to type 18 line in 18 min.
  • If 1/3 of no equals to 3 plus of 1/6 of that no then which is that no
  • If tank fillls like 10.20,40,80...... if it fills 1/8 in 12 (or 11 hr dnt remember xactly ) then how much hr will it require to get completely filled .....ans 3 hrs
  • On Probability ...if 15 envelope n 15 letter .probability to find exactly 1 letter in wrong envelope


  • Tell me About ur self
  • What is static variable
  • Asked Question related to extern variable then he gave me 1 problem n asked what will b the output of it   for the values of a=1,2,3,4,5 if(a!=3 || a!=5) printf statement 1 printf statement 2


  • Tell me about ur self
  • told to write progarm for swapping without usin temp var
  • IF string is INDIA AMERICA then write a progarm to Print AMERICA INDIA
  • What is IT World
  • What is Mallow
  • What is Pointer
  • Use of Pointer....also lots of que. related on this topic so must be prepared for c n c++ n java if u r comp/it guys n also any two or more sub like DBMS,OS basics of Microprocessors,DS n if psbl then be prepared for CN (Computer networks) 

HR Round :

very much interesting  firstly he look my application form on which marks were fron 10,11,12,BE ....so he asked me y u hv got very less marks in 11 ..  so i told him that for sake of stud ma jr clg was deliberately putting difficult question paper so that studs can score gud in 12 th   n also the way i was doing study till 10th was diff. i mean i was memorizing things ...bla bla   then he asked me on hobbies  i told  reading

HR: Which book till date u he read

ME: 5 point sm1

HR: its a very small book

ME : sir i don't get too much time

HR: where you spend your lots of time

ME : i spend it on fib n surfing

HR : what u do on FIB

ME : sir i he liked lots of pages related to technical area n bla bla ....

HR : tell me the last post related to tech that u have read

me: sir ,it was related to hacking.....how to hack fb cant

HR : Explain me

ME :Explained then he asked me abt service bond (whether u will do or not) and as TCS is scattered company would u like to work with us as u can b posted any where

Company Name: TATA Consultancy Services
No of Rounds:
Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Technical Round-2
Exam/Interview Date: 02-Sep-2011
Location : Pune