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Hi Guys. Before sharing my experience about TCS interview I would like to suggest you some Important points that will surely help you out!!

  • Be cool and always keep a pleasant smile even if u don’t know the Answer.
  • Answer content is not important but d way u delivers and gestures are most important.
  • Brush up with the 2 subjects as a part of your areas of interest.
  • Body language- 55%, Voice-38%, and least importance to Knowledge-7%.
  • Impressive looks matters a lot (you should get clicked in Interviewer’s System).
  • Interviewer will extend his hand first, and then respond for hand shake.


I didn’t have aptitude round as I stand 2nd in my class (So do remember aggregate also matters a lot).


It will be very simple just be cool and confident. It was just for 5 to 8 minutes for me and the motto behind this round was to check your Confidence level and the way you answer I mean Body language. It is nothing like that the students who didn’t have aptitude round, technical round will be difficult.

Myself (Vivek): Good afternoon Sir with a smiling face.
Tech: Extended his hand first (purpose of shaking hand is to check u r in stress situation or not).

Note: don’t keep your hands wet.

Vivek: Shook hand and told thanks for d offer Sir with a lovely smile.
Tech: Vivek have a sit and feel cool.
Vivek: I replied ok sir and sat down.
Tech: 1st quest what are difference between Black box testing and white box testing?
Vivek: I was already prepared with this and started my answer ….. !!
Tech: Break break …. !! (He understood I know d concept).
Tech: How much C u know vivek?
Vivek: With confidence I answered Sir up to the mark.
Tech: Where do you rate in a scale of 1-5 for C?
Vivek: Sir I would like to rate myself at a rate of 3.5.
Tech: Good and shook hand again.
Vivek: I responded with a smiling face.
Tech: Vivek tell me what all u know?
Vivek: Sir I know the basics of C, C++, Java and Dbms (as an IT student I need to mention).
Tech: Explain me about DBMS concepts?
Vivek: Started with the definition of Data, database, & reached up to Normalization.
Tech: Break … where do you stand in your class?
Vivek: 2nd position sir.
Tech: who is first?
Vivek: Srikanth .
Tech: Ok you people coming in order (Pola completed his Tech round just before mine).
Vivek: Ya sir.
Tech: He is moving his hands here n there just for diverting us … n asked would you like to have water?
Vivek: No Sir, thanks for d offer.
Tech: ok vivek you may go and extended his hand again.
Vivek: I responded with a smile and replied again thanks for d offer sir.


Compare to TR I faced problems in HR round. For me it was stress checking round and can you imagine he asked me a ten minute long question. After completing my HR I was like 50-50 situation may or may not be in TCS.

Vivek: Good evening Sir.
HR: Ya good evening!! Vivek, I have a backache I can sit I will be moving do u have any problem?
Vivek: No sir I don’t have any problem.
HR: He was moving continuously here n there beside the chair without looking at me!! Where were u born?
Vivek: Hyderabad sir.
HR: Which English movie u has seen recently?
Vivek: Step up 3d.
HR: what is the moral of the movie?
Vivek: Sir the movie motivates a person to show his/her inner talent to the outside world.
HR: Example?
Vivek: I took few seconds to think …. Then continued suppose a person is good at singing and he has a stage fear and hesitates to sing … I can say sir after watching this movie he will definitely sing.
HR: ok fine!! What kinds of questions do u expect from me Vivek?
Vivek: Sir you are the Interviewer and as a student I can’t expect any kind of questions.
HR: you need to specify?
Vivek: I didn’t have any option …. So I mentioned some questions like Why TCS why not other company? How much salary do you expect?
HR:so you have discussed all the questions with your friends and ready with the answers, very smart!!
Vivek: No sir its nothing like that.
HR: List tenn carefully Vivek!
Vivek: ya sir.
HR:5 people wants to go Jammu n Kashmir from Kerala through Helicoptor ... they had two stops in between.. HYD n Delhi ... at hyd stop one person  Became sick ..  one injured ...one d pilot had emergency ..so he went to hyd  airport requested to replace me....and d injured person Became well and d  sick person admitted to  hospital ... then at last how many person reached  Jammu n Kashmir ?
Vivek:I replied 5 persons Sir with my assumptions (here he is just putting you in  stress b cool n relax …. Question is dummy n incomplete). 
HR: How?
Vivek: Sir as the 5 persons wanted to reach Jammu n Kashmir definitely all 5 will go. I explained  pilot if replaced or not one person, d injured person became well, two  persons normal and d sick person recovered as anyhow friends won’t leave  any1 and they reached Jammu and Kashmir. 
HR:Vivek do you think question completed?
Vivek: it depends on you sir?
HR: they had a compulsory stop at Delhi and very less time to reach Jammu & Kashmir?
Vivek: ok sir max to max they took a break of half an hour at Delhi got fresh up and reached their destination.
HR: Do you think question completed? (He was moving n moving)
Vivek: I understood if I say again it depends on you sir he will add something in the question. I just smiled n unanswered.
HR: he came close to my face and said Vivek u can’t come to conclusion with assumptions. You may go!!
Vivek: I reacted calmly and replied thank u sir n came off .

Company Name: TCS
No of Rounds:
Aptitude Test