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Type: Fresher

Hi, All I Attended TCS Campus Interview on 28th of August. Among 700. 430+ Students were short listed through written test. After that technical round which includes even MR interview and the final round is HR and the results were announced on the Next Day 31 August Total 301 were selected and My Name is the Second one. I Felt very happy and I want Share some of my experiences and my strict advice to anyone who are seeking for TCS just prepare previous papers because TCS written test is through touchstone database more than 1 lakh questions will be saved in that which are of same model with a difference in numerical. So just concentrate on previous papers. I am sharing my Interview Experience My Interview went on like this.

Technical +MR

Me: May I come in sir

Interviewer : Yes

Me: Good evening sir (Wished)

Interviewer: Very good evening take your seat

Me: Thank you sir

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself

Me: told

Interviewer: Why there is a decrease in % from intermediate to B.Tech

Me: yes sir there is a fine decrement. Upto intermediate i used to concentrate on academics at that time my ultimate goal is gaining seat in a best college and i achieved it

Interviewer: Oh do you think KLCE is d best college?

Me: YES sir

(Continued the question saying) The moment i entered into engineering i realized that for a student to become successful all round development should be there just the academics is not enough. Now I am a good public speaker, good communicator sir

Interviewer: Ohh then you are a good public speaker?

Me: Yes sir

Interviewer: Who is your class topper and what is his/hers %

Me: Told

Interviewer: Then there is a variation of almost 10%

Me: Yes sir so what sir he may be excel in studies ....i may have d talent which he wont have i may excel in some other thing

Interviewer: Tell me about your projects.

Me: Told

Interviewer: You are from EEE background....do u know programming?

Me: Yes sir I know programming in C & I know the basics of C++

Interviewer: Can u write any program in C?

Me: yes sir I can write using pointers, structures, strings anything..

Interviewer: ohh can u write any simple program for me using pointers

Me: wrote

Interviewer: Do You think the program is right

Me: Yes sir

Interviewer: Tell me about your family background.

Me: Told

Interviewer: Why should I give job in your family already two people are earning?

Me: Till now I studied because I can be helpful to my parents in their old age. I should help them when they are in need. I should not be dependent on them. and moreover I should stand on my own sir

Interviewer: So u will help your parents only when they are in old age?

Me: No sir not like that whenever they are in need I will be there.

Interviewer: Whom do you like most in your family

Me: I like everyone sir

Interviewer: No u should answer to this. Do You like your mother more or your father

Me: No sir I cant differentiate between them I love them both

Interviewer: You  should say unless I wont give you job

Me: I like my father sir (gave some explanation)

Interviewer : Then You don't like your mother?

Me: No sir I love my mother a lot (gave some explanation)

Interviewer: Your sister is doing in CTS. Then why do you prefer TCS.

Me: Because TCS is My Dream sir. She may be interested in that company sir .Its her interest. But I am very much interested in joining TCS

Interviewer: Oh fine what will you do if I don't select you?

Me: No sir I don't think You wont select me. I am very confident sir You will select me. Even though if you don't select me I wont bother sir if it is not through campus I will go for off campus.

Interviewer: Are you sure

Me: Yes sir

Interviewer: Any Questions

Me: There will a gap of minimum six months for getting the call letters...what languages should I learn for becoming excel in my job sir?

Interviewer: My better advice is just concentrate on your core.It only helps you a lot

Me: Thank You sir

Interviewer: Any More Questions?...You can feel free to ask

Me: No sir

Interviewer: Ok Good

In this way my TR+MR round went on. In the evening 8 o clock results were Announced of TR and I am shortlisted for HR. Friends my suggestion is be bold brave and confident while giving answers. They only check for your confidence levels.

While Interview they may confuse you but be confident and stand on one answer. Even in some cases they may put you in stress....have a smile always on your face while giving answers

My HR round went on like this

Me: May I come in sir

Interviewer: Yes come in. Are you miss (XXXXX)

Me: Yes sir

Interviewer: Please take Your seat

Me: Thank you sir

Interviewer: So What is the hot discussion going on outside?

Me: Regarding HR Round questions sir

Interviewer: Interesting which Question you got know till now which questions u got leaked

Me: Challenges facing in IT sir and one more question is New technologies in IT sir

Interviewer: Any more questions

Me: No sir (in a dilemma whether to say yes or no)

Interviewer: Ok I have positive You a new question

If You are in place of mine what are the reasons for rejecting Miss (XXXX)

Me: No sir I don't think such reasons are there because she is a good learner adaptable to any environment, lateral thinker.

Interviewer: No I am asking about your weakness

Me: No sir nothing like that sir

Interviewer: Every person will have 10 or 11 good things 2 or 3 bad things what are those bad?

Me: Yes sir I am emotional while watching movies sir. Everyone will laugh at me but I cant control

Interviewer: Tell me your Personal

Me: In the past I am having inferiority complex sir but now I overcame that by mingling with others, going to parties, maintaining many friends sir

Interviewer: Thats good ...but keep this question with u for more 30 mints don't leak to anyone

Me: Ok sir thank you sir

My HR Interview went very funny and finally on d next day results were announced

So Friends be confident while giving Answers.

Exam Date: 28-Aug-2011
No. of Round: Techincal Round-1
Contributor Name : Syed