(Paper) Tata Consultancy Services Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper: 15 Oct., 2011

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Company Name: Tata Consultancy Services

Type: Fresher

Hi friends,

Myself Priyanka K.B. from EEE,SJCE Mysore.

The Most eagerly awaited one, TCS had come to our college for recruitment on OCT 15th,2011 (The Unforgettable day in my life)

Let Me explain the selection process... TCS decided to have two different process and approaches for the selection process. One for those who have consistent performance from 10th onwards till the VI semester undergraduate engineering students (75% and above) and the same was also applicable to those from post graduate disciplines. These students were interviewed without being administered test. On the contrary, only those who had maintained consistent performance
of 60% tHRoughout were administered online test and were later interviewed.

I was under the 1st category. I had gone for direct interview. Friends before sharing my experience, please note these things. Don’t neglect TCS interview process. We had a rumour that the TCS interview will be easy, we can easily get tHRough. But it was not easy as we speak. Please do necessary preparations. Be thorough with your resume, C, C+, projects. This time TCS had given a wonderful opportunity that non CS stream students can get jobs in Core engineering services of TCS. So no need to worry as it’s a IT company. Be proud to be a part of world’s leading IT company. And for our batch specially, TCS is great, as they took more people during this recession period.

Technical Interview :-

ME: Good Afternoon sir,

HR : Good Afternoon, Take Your Seat.

Me : Thank you sir.

HR : Asked my resume and TCS application form

Me : gave (Most of questions were based on my resume, unfortunately HR did not ask me d most awaited and prepared first question’ tell me about

HR : asked about my project i.e. UPS. Difference between My UPS and traditional UPS?

Me : explained.

HR : What is energy audit? (one of my project)

Me : Answered. (I had mentioned only ‘C’ in my resume as i was not sure about C+ or other languages)

HR : why oly C? Why not C+, 8051 ?? did not you study C+ outside by joining courses? Rate your C capability between 1 to 10.

Me : explained. Friends be honest. Being a electrical student I just gave 5 on 10 for my C capability. And i had added a sentence that I can learn again these languages.

HR : appreciated my honesty. And gave me two puzzles to solve. 1) seven members are there in a room. Each one will give hand shake to others but only once. Find out the number of handshakes.

Me :Ii just asked a sheet of paper to solve, even though I knew the  answer. And solved the puzzle in front of him.

The answer is 6+5+4+3+2+1=21

HR : Consider a well of 100 mt depth and a frog at the bottom of the well. It climbs 3mt in day time n slides down 2mt during night. How many days it needs to climb the well?

Me : 1mt per day, on 98th day, it climbs up and does not slides down as it will be on the top of the well. So answer is 98(day time)

HR : Good. You can go.

Me : Thank you sir.

Then I was waiting for my HR interview. Many of my batch mates had sent to home in the mean while, as they could not do well in technical interview.

HR interview :-

HR : Hi Priyanka

Me : Hello Mam, Good Afternoon. (I felt very happy and became more confident when HR said hi to me, as HR is friendly. she was very sweet
and bubbly. I think am the one, giving these best compliments to HR )

HR : Good afternoon, take your seat.

Me : thank you Mam HR : where are you staying? Do you have siblings? Where does he work? Married?

Me : answered

HR : Are you ready to work anywhere?

Me : Yes Mam. (and this is the most common question in HR round)

HR : You can go

Me : I asked two questions about TCS. Actually i could not ask these questions in technical interview. So asked here That is it my interview got over. I was confident as I will get place and it came true. Around 8.30 they announced the results.

Friends as you red, for me there were no deep technical questions, and most of the questions were unexpected like puzzles. I was good in solving puzzles and it’s my luck also that i got puzzles. We cannot predict about interview questions, so be ready for everything.

All the Best

Exam/Interview Date: 15-Oct-2011
No of Rounds : Client/Manager Interview
Contributor Name : Priyanka