(Paper) Tata Consultancy Services Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper: 10 September 2011

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Tata Consultancy Services

Company Name: Tata Consultancy Services

Type: Fresher

The Selection Process Consists of Three Rounds

Round First :- Written Test

Only Quantities Aptitude (Just prepare 70 Patterns of TCS  It is More than Enough to Crack the Written)

Round Second:- Technical Interview

ME: May I come in sir,

TR: Yes please come in

ME: Good Evening Sir

TR: Good Evening Please take your seat

ME: Thank You Sir

TR: Tell me about yourself briefly.

ME: I am glad to introduce myself sir, firstly I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity. I am Jyothi Prasad Persuing B.Tech in CSE From NBKRIST. coming to my family , my family is a Nuclear Family, My Mother and Father are Govt. Employees, I have one sibling, My Younger sister. Coming to my strengths I am work minded, I Deal with people diplomatically, I Desire For Innovation. (The TR Interrupted me and asked for an example to show my innovative nature. I Quoted an example and He was impressed and said good. Guys Please Prepare in advance an example).
Coming to My goals, My short term goal is to get placed in TCS and longterm goal is to See TCS as the Leader of world and I Being a Part Responsible for it.

TR: What was the Difference you observed this week compared to previous week?

ME: Sir this week was pretty memorable in my life, there were seminars regarding placements and the college was more colourfull compared to previous week .

TR: What are the subjects you learnt since first year (I Quoted few subjects and the TR selected computer networks and asked tell me what did you learn in computer networks)?

ME: Sir Basically a Network is Grouping of Related Systems, a Computer Network is Interlinking of Computers through a network which serves different purposes, I Learnt about LAN, WAN, MAN, ETHERNET, etc.,

TR: Tell me about your project.

ME:  I explained about my project domain i.e., intranet and explained in brief about the project outline.

TR: How Do you deal if a conflict arises between your team members?

ME: Sir One of My strength is to Deal with people diplomatically, if any problem arises I Will First try to know the reason and will try to balance each ones' opinion and compromise both by implementing both their ideas in the project.

TR: Are you well adopted to programming?

ME: Yes Sir.

TR: Are you well aware of DBMS?

ME: Yes sir.

TR: Take a realtime example and explain about join operation.

ME: I Took an Example about shipping and started writing, the TR interrupted me and asked me to explain about what I was writing ( I explained).

TR: OK, Write a Program to Print like this


ME: Logic:

for(i=1;i {

TR: Thank You Jyothi Prasad. Good Luck.

ME: Thank You Sir, Its Pleasure Meeting you.


ME: May I Come in sir?

HR: Yes Please Come in.

ME: Good evening sir.

HR: Good evening Jyothi Prasad, Please take your seat.

ME: Thank You sir.

HR: How was the Technical Round Jyothi Prasad?

ME: It was very cool sir, It was Pretty Enthusiastic, I enjoyed facing the interview sir.

HR: Smiled and asked what were the questions asked in TR?

ME: I was asked some general questions like introducing myself and I was posed few Technical Questions and I quoted an example of innovative nature sir.(the HR interrupted me and asked about example).I explained about the example.

HR: Tell me the Display Units of a Computer?

ME: Normal monitor, LCD and LED sir.

HR: Tell me the differences between these units?

ME: Explained Briefly.

HR: Do you know about mobile computing?

ME: I am sorry sir I know the basic idea, I don't know in detail.

HR : Ok Fine, Tell me other it companies other than TCS.

ME: Infosys, Wipro, Microsoft, Google.

HR: Tell me the border states of Andhra Pradesh.

ME: Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Orissa.

HR: Will you relocate anywhere in the world?

ME: Yes sir.

HR: Ok Jyothi Prasad all the Best.

ME: Thank You sir, It is the most memorable moment in my life.


  • The confidence level in you matters more than your answer.
  • Be Patient. I waited for almost 15 hours to get my chance. I was interviewed at night 11:30.
  • Be Truthful and correct in whatever you say...or else it may cost you a job.

The TR and HR rounds were conducted half an hour each approximately.

The Next Day Results were announced and I was one of them.

Exam Date: 10 Sept., 2011
No. of Round: Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Client/Manager Interview
Contributor Name : Jyothi