(Paper) Tata Consultancy Services Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper: 09 Oct., 2011

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Company Name: Tata Consultancy Services

Type: Fresher

Basically It Contains 35 Question .If You want to clear Aptitude then just solve 70 Patterns of TCS and collect the information from Your friends of the other college where TCS visited .As the Question paper will be of same pattern. as I got the same questions which Question were asked in the other college. The question goes like this

1. About horse and Pony but this was twisted as police and BMW car. Where police starts to chase after Two hours then finally catches up the BMW after 5 hours. If the avg. speed of police car is 94kmph the find the avg. of BMW.


2. If there are 8 rounds played in a knock out tour no then how many matches were played?

Ans. :255

3.1/3 of a number is 3 more than 1/6 of the same number. what is the number?


4. It was repeated 3 times

5.The Above question was asked to find the Ans. in binary


6.  9 Years ago I was 5 Times as old as my eldest son. Today I am 3 times his age .How old I'm Now?

Ans. : 18

7. A Lady has some Fine gloves and hats in her closet 19 blue,38 red 21 yellow. How many gloves must she take out to make sure she has a pair of each color?

Ans. : 61

8. Let Exp (m,n)=m to the power n. if exp(10,m)=n exp(2,2) where m and n are integers then n=?

Ans. :25

9. Start Some Data. What are the odds that the toy train produces 6 consecutive music tunes of the same type?

Ans. :1/64

10. In how many ways can 4 letter be posted in 2 post boxes, if any number of letters can be posted in all of the two post boxes?

Ans. 4C2

11. The pace length .... n/p =170 and pace length is 191cm.calculate walking speed ion kmph?

Ans. :37.21

12. The same question as a,b,c,ab,bc,ca,abc, the recorded weight for the last measure is 153kgs.the average of all the 7 measures is:

Ans.: 87.43

13. Same as 1 one hear the values are changed chases after 3 hours and reached after 4 hours. If the avg. speed of horse is 54kmph,find the avg. speed of pony?

Ans. :23.14

14. Given 3 Lines in the plane such that the points of intersection from a triangle with sides of length 20,20,26 the number of points equidistant from all the line is?

Ans.: May be 4(doubt)

15: The above one is repeated

16. If Aman walks at 4kmph over a certain journey and jogs back over the same route at 6mph at altitude of 200 meters .what is his avg. speed for the journey in mph?

Ans.: 4.80

17. Same question of 4 letters be posted in 2 boxes

18. In a box one dozen eggs, the ratio of broken eggs to unbroken eggs could be any of the following EXCEPT

Ans. : 1:4

19. Suppose 13 such programmers take 13 minutes to write 13 lines of code in total .how many lines of code can be written by 91 programmers in 91 lines?

Ans.: 637

20. 24 people {a1,a2,....a24} meet and shake hands in a circular fashion. In other words there are totally 24 handshakes involving the pairs,{a1,a2}{a2,a3},.....{a23,a24}{a24,a1}.then th size of the smallest set of people such that the rest have shaken hands with at least one person in the set is?

Ans. : 8

Refer 70 Patters . I can remember only this questions.

Good Luck.

Exam Date: 09 Oct., 2011
No. of Round: Aptitude Test
Contributor Name : Goutham