(Paper) TCS Fresher Interview Placement Paper: 29th Aug, 2011

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Job Interview, Questions Paper

Hi Friends The TCS Selection Phase Consists Of 3 Rounds.

  • Aptitude

  • Technical

  • HR.

The Question Patterns Are

Tortoise And Hire Problem. Be Clear With The Procedure. The Numerical Will Be Different For Each And Every Person.

  • Mice Problem. Like One Can Is Poisoned Among Some 126 Or Some Particular Number. And The Question Is How Many Mice Are Required To Find Out That Poisoned Can. The Time Constraints Will Be Given. Like Within The Time Limit We Have To Predict The Poisoned One.

  • 1 To 1000 Numbers In A Building Numbering. How Many 3's Are Used In That Building Numbering. If The Numbering Was Done In Base 3 Or Base 7 Or Base 9 Systems.

  • Hand Shake Problems. Like Minimal Set Problems And Circular And Without Circular.

  • Statement Problems Like At Most, At Least, Exactly And Number Of The Statements True Or False Etc.

  • Minimum-Maximum Problems Like. They Gives A Relation Like A=9+x+y-z Or A=36+x*(Y-z). Two Players Will Be Playing That Game According To Their Optimal Strategies. Then What Will Be The Max Or Min Value Of N.

  • Average Speeds Like Horse-pony Problems. Police-thief Problems.

  • Exponential Increments Of A Material Or Bacteria. Like Initially At 3 Pm The Bacteria 300 In Number, The Number Of Bacteria At 5 Pm Is 2700. Next The Bacteria At 8 Pm Will Be.

  • Profit Loss Problems Like. A Car Price Is 20000. Actually The Owner Expected To Sell This At 160% Of The Base Price. But No One Interested To Buy That Car At That Price. So The Owner Is Decided To Sell That At 20% Decrease Of The Expected Selling Price. What Is The Sold Price Of That Car.

  • Gold Coin, Stack Position All Will Be Given. We Have Answer The Players Winning Probability.

  • Placing Letters Into Envelopes. What Is The Probability That One Letter Goes Into A Wrong Envelope. The Answer Is Zero.

  • Person Age Problems. And We Have To Convert The Answer Into The Asked Format Like Binary Hexa Etc

  • Analytical Questions.

  • Circle ,A Person Throwing A Dart. What Is The Probability That The Dart Will Fall Near To Center Of The Circle.

  • Problems On Probability Like Two Boxes Contain Different Colors Of Balls. The Balls Will Be Moving One Box To Another. At A Certain Point Of Time If We Choose A Box Then The Probability Of Getting A Specific Color Ball Is Maximized.

  • Problems On Exponential Logarithms Like M To The Power Of N = M.10 To The Power Of M=N.
    Then Find Out N Or M.

  • Problems N/P=169.Where P=Pace Length And N=Number Of Steps Per Minute. Now The P Value Is Given As 132 Cm Then We Have To Calculate The Speed Of The Person In Kmph.

  • 11 Persons,11 Minutes 11 Lines Of Code. Then How Much Time It May Take To Write 6 Lines Of Code By 6 Programmers.

  • A Tournament Is Going On And In That For Every Match The Lost Team Will Go Out Of The Trophy. Total 7 Rounds Were Played To Declare A Winner. Then How Many Matches Were Organized.?

  • Among 7 People. The Youngest Child Is A Boy. Then The Probability Of Other 6 Childs To Be A Boy is 1 In.?

  • Ans: 2 Power 6.

  • Tank Filling.1/32 Filled In Some Amount Of Time. Then The Time Taken To Full The Tank If The Tank Is Filling In Exponential Manner.

  • Time And Work Problem. Like A Can Do In Some Amount Of Days..B Can Do The Same Work In Some Amount Of Days. Then The Time Taken To Complete The Work If Both Worked Together.

Friends Only These Questions I Have Remembered.

Around 380 People Attempted The Written. 280 Cleared The Written. And I Am One Among Them.

Next Technical Interview.

They Will Focus On Core Subjects Like C, OS, DBMS, C++, Etc.

No Need To Worry Be Cool And Confident.

Be Thorough In Basics Of Program. Languages.

Next HR Round.

The First Question They Will Ask You Is .

  • Tell Me About Yourself.

  • Why Your Percentage Has Been Decreased In B.Tech.

And Be Clear In Preparing A Resume.

I You Lie In Your Resume Then You Have To Face A Lot Of Problems In The HR Interview.

They Don't Look At What You Are Saying But On How Confident You Are.

Finally I Got Placed In TCS.

Thanks To Placementpapers.Net Website.

And All The Best For Who Attending The Interviews In Future.

Thank You For Giving Me This Opportunity.

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