(Paper) Synechron Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper: 22 September 2011


Company Name : Synechron
Type : Fresher
Job Interview Paper: The synechron came for the first time into campus for fresher recruitment and fortunately it came to our college first....and i fortunately got placed with the help of the hard work i had done for all the previous companies and little bit of luck.. Criteria was 55% with no any live backlog.. There were total 360 students from 4-5 colleges as there was pool campus..

There were three rounds.

  • Aptitude test :- There were 3 sections in this test.
    Reasoning section:-Total 20 questions
  • more tough...practice is needed...there were many puzzles from analytical reasoning...and each puzzle had max 1-3 que..
  • Reasoning Puzzle-some info was given-3 question on this
  • Reasoning Puzzle-some info was given-2 question on this
  • Syllogism-3 question
  • cube cutting-3 question
  • Find the no in series-1 question
  • encoding-decoding 1-que
  • two more reasoning puzzle-some info given-1 question on each of these.
  • one que was such that if + means *,/ means -,etc then which of the following is false.

rest i don't remember.

Verbal Section:

  • Total 20 questions
  • 10 on sentence correction
  • 5 on reading comprehension
  • 5 on arranging the passage in sequence

Technical Section:

  •  Total 10 questions
  • some basic question on c,c++ given..

So there were total 50 questions and total 50 mins duration was there for this test....
on the test paper in the instructions given there was negative marking mentioned...but they said that there is no negative marking.

Out of 360 students 85 clear the aptitude test and i was one of them...

Technical Round:

The most imp is go through your resume..

They asked me about c, data structure ,c++,Java (it was mentioned in my résumé), database. They also asked me about project (how you did connection between vb and oracle such questions)...for computer and it students go through basic concepts of c,c++, data structure, java,database .rest branches, i don't exactly know.. but be confident.. they always check that how confidently you speak.. To one of my friends, the interviewer also asked about current semester subjects...and one interviewer was also asking puzzles...so go through them also...

HR Round:

After technical round, they immediately informs that whether you had cleared the technical round or not,if cleared then they immediately there will be HR round...HR was also very cool person like TI interviewer.. He asked me about family background and some silly questions ..be confident..

I did my all the interviews at about 6 p.m.

Then at about 8.30 p.m results were announced...and out of 85 students, 46 got placed.Out of them,23 were from our college and i was one of them...feeling very happy.

Exam/Interview Date : 22-Sep-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test
Location : Pune