(Paper) Satyam Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper : 03-Aug-2010



Job Interview, Placement Paper


1. Tell me about your self?

2. How to perform Rman cloning

3. RAC background processes

4. what is ocr file and voting disk.. and what is use of them

5. what are the default roles created when database creation

6. location of the pupbld. sql script

7. what is channel in Rman and what is the use of it

8. Diff btn catalog and no catalog mode

9. what you observe in alert log file.. i created a table, is this information recorded in alert log. I deleted a table, is this information recorded in alert log file.

10. What is maximum performance mode and maximum protection mode..and diff btn them

11. What are the 10g new features in tablespace management12. Diff btn locally managed tablespace and dictionary managed Tablespace

13. What is retention guarantee

14. How do you generate awr report

15. What is Tkprof

16. How do you generate Statspack report

17. What is Addm. Which statistics it is used to generate report

18. What are the advantages of Datapump when compared to traditional logical backups

19. What are the operating system commands to know the memory utilization of the servers

20. When we execute create database script, in background a script is used to create database. What is it?

Company Name: Satyam
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Technical Round-2
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