(Paper) Samsung Fresher Interview Paper Pattern: 19th April, 2011


Job Interview, Question Paper

SAMSUNG Question Paper:

Aptitude test only for 50 minutes and 45 Questions.

I exactly don’t remember the Questions. But I can tell you people the topics.

Some Questions On:

  • For example ACEG : IKMO :: LNPR : ?

  • Some on how many triangles in a figure.

  • which Denote Language, English, Hindi

Some On:

1.Person A does a work in 10 days and person B does the same work in 15 days . then what will be time by which they both can complete the work if they do it together. ( obviously there are 4 options)

2.which sentence best fits to the given sentence.

e.g. He didn’t get the job because he was not a graduate.

a) every graduate has a job.

b) Every employee is a graduate.

c) Etc..

3) Questions from 38-42 have flaws. Please don’t waste time in those.

Better attempt others. Blindly Guess the answers no negative marking.

They have taken 14 from IIT madras and 15 from IIT kanpur.

Just perform good in the Aptitude Test .

4) some questions on percentage and cost price and stuff.

5) One was on heights and distances. very very simple.

6) Some question on simple interest and compound interest.

7) What is the last 2( mind it. its 2 digits, not 1 digit) digits of x ,where x = 31*57*91*35*51

I don’t remember the exact figures. It was just an example..

So try out these kind of problems.

8) Questions 19 to 25 had most of their answers as (a).

so if You don’t have time. then tick them


Technical: Only based on Your final year project. try to have a command on it. Try to relate somewhat it to communications.


  • Family Background

  • Why Samsung

  • What about if other company like LG comes. Would You sit for it or not .Give explanations.

  • Is salary a big thing for you.

  • Can u stay in Seoul South Korea.

  • Any questions for me.

  • They also ask about CGPA. Like why bad.

Company: Samsung
Location : Kolkata
Type : Fresher
Exam/Interview Date : 08-Aug-2011
No of Rounds: Technical Round-1,
Contributor Name : Manish