(Paper) Persistent Systems Placement Paper : 08-Sep-2011

Persistent Systems

Number of Rounds-3

  • 1 . Online Test ( Technical + Quantitative )

  • 2 . Technical Interview -1

  • 3. Technical Interview -2

  • 4. HR Interview

Firstly They conducted online aptitude test . Total 60 Questions were asked . Mainly Technical and Quantitative .
Software Testing Questions were maximum in number .
Among that they shortlisted 16 students and conducted Technical Interview for them .


  1. Tell me something about your academic background.

  2. What are your major areas of interest?

  3. Does your final year project topic co-incide with the above interests?

  4. Perform a brief feasibilty analysis of your intended project.

  5. How do you intend to deploy your project? Mention road-map if possible.

  6. What is the intended audience?

Sell your idea to me. (What does the end-user stand to gain?)

Write a program to read improperly indented C code from a file and add tabs and new lines as per convention in a new file. (Eg. After a control statement is encountered, print the opening brace on a new line. Then, on the line after that, increase indentation and begin writing code. Reduce indentation when a closing brace is encountered by the file pointer)

Rate your own code on a scale of 1-10

What is load, stress and performance testing? Elaborate on the differences between them.
Name a few test automation softwares.

Given a set of employees and their correponding salaries, write an Oracle SQL query to provide as result, the 2nd highest salary.

Puzzle :

 There are no time keeping mechanisms (watch, clock) in a room. There are 2 candles in the same room. Each candle when lit, has its wax completely exhausted in exactly 1 hour. How will you track the passage of 45 minutes? (NOTE : The candles do not burn in a proportional manner i.e. consumption of half the candle doesn’t indicate a passage of 30 min.)

  1. Draw the Verfication and Validation model of the Software Testing Life-Cycle and explain each stage in brief.

  2. Explain the difference between verification and validation.

  3. What exactly is ‘Bing’?

  4. Are you familiar with Google Plus? What are its major selling points?

  5. Does the Google search engine show results of pages in other languages if there is a direct keyword match?

  6. Give 2 positive and 2 negative test case for searching via the Google search engine.If I want to enter a search term in Google’s search engine in a language other than English, how can I do it without investing in a language specific keyboard or a keyboard emulator or a virtualization software?

  7. Given a choice between software development and testing, what would you choose to do? Justify.

  8. What, in your opinion would be the qualities of a good tester?

  9. In reference to the above question, can a fresher be as effective as an experienced tester? Justify.

  10. Do you have any questions for the interviewer?


What programming languages are you familiar with?

Explain the mini-projects you have completed during your course.

What are the databases management softwares you have learnt? Explain in short the scenarios in which you have used each.

What is an RDBMS?

What is the significance of the word ‘relational’ in RDBMS?

Among all the languages taught to you until today, which are you most comfortable programming in? Why?

Compare C and C++ (differences, advantages and disadvantages)

Write a program in C to perform insertion sort. Explain the logic behind it.

What other sorting algorithms are you familiar with? Explain the login behind each of them.

Among the aforementioned algorithms, which is the best, in your opinion?A login form is given to you. Here are the constraints on each of its fields o Name - shouldn’t exceed 20 characters

  • Phone - should be exactly 10 digits

  • Credit Card Number - should be exactly 16 digits Enumerate as many test cases as you can and explain each.

  1. For the above example, what type of testing is required? Black-Box or White-Box?

  2. What Black-Box techniques are used in the above example.

  3. Explain Equivalence Partitioning. How does it benefit a tester?

  4. Explain Boundary value analysis.

  5. What is the motivation behind placing emphasis on the extreme values of an input class during Boundary Value Analysis?

  6. Does a singular input value qualify as a class of inputs with respect to Equivalence Partitioning and Boundary Value analysis?

  7. Enumerate the input classes for Credit Card details in the login form example given above.

  8. What are the types of inheritance in object-oriented programming?

  9. Give an example of inheritance. What is its major advantage?

  10. Inheritance is a concept in OOP. What is its equivalent in a procedural language like C?

  11. What is PL/SQL? How does it differ from normal SQL queries.

  12. What is the use of a function/procedure in PL/SQL. Explain syntax.

  13. Given a choice between development and testing, what would you prefer to do? Justify your answer. (In case you’re wondering, yes, it was asked twice)

Elaborate Discussion :

Consider a scenario in which you are part of a team. You have been assigned to develop part of the project. Another part which a teammate is assigned to complete is defective. The deadline cannot be acheived if you decide to abandon your development and help your colleague test the part that he/she has made. What would you choose to do – continue with your own development job, or help your colleague test an detect the errors in his portion of the software? Justify.

Do you have any questions for the interviewer?


  1. Tell me something in general about yourself.

  2. What are your areas of interest?

  3. What domain does your project fall under?

  4. Tell me a bit about your family background. (Parents’ name, profession; Siblings)

  5. What is your aim in life? What would you be satisfied with, not just in a work environment, but in general?

  6. Do you have any questions about Persistent Systems?

Company Name: Persistent Systems
No of Rounds:
Technical Round-2
Exam/Interview Date: 08-Sep-2011
Location : Pune