(Paper) Paypal Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper: 9 August 2011



Company Name : Paypal
Type : Fresher
Job Interview Paper: I recently was interviewed by Paypal and I share the Questions being asked to me with you.


  • The written round has 40 questions. Most are MCQs while
  • There are a few "C" questions and puzzles without any


  • Time duration : 1 hour
  • The questions were easier but the time was not enough.
  • Totally around 31 were short listed in the written
  • Luckily got selected in the written and i was called for the

Interview on the same day.

Round 1:

1) The interviewer in front of me had my first round answer sheet with him and asked me how I did the test?

I told him that I did all the MCQs well. but I don't have time to solve the puzzles.

So he smiled and said lets start the interview with a puzzle.

I don't know the answer and so only I left that puzzle in the test.

So he gave me some time and asked me a question.

I tried to find the solution and gave him a solution which i know for sure that it is wrong.

2) He asked me some questions based on the visibility of  functions, members in derived and base classes in c++....

3) The third question was writing code to insert a given  element in a linked list.

4) Then he asked to explain quick sort and merge sort That's it

Round 2:

well in this round I was asked many questions.

I know the answers are wrong for many questions but i just tell them boldly the things I know.

1) A client is approaching you for a project...you can use either c++ or java. Which one will you choose and why? Give various reasons...

2) Question on searching a given pattern either partially or fully in a text file of size 2GB.

3) Then some questions on quick sort like what is the worst case? when will you encounter the worst case scenario? how will you make better the worst case of O(n^2) to an average case of O (n logon)?

4) what does the asymptotic notation O means? why are they used?

5) what is a static variable?what is its default value of a  static int, float, char*,etc. when not initialized ?who actually actually initializes the static variable when it is not  initialized? how are static variables accessed and what is  their use?

6)given the condition while (i<=j&&j<=i&&i!=j) what is the value that you will choose for the above code to execute in Java? (Hint: you can use the concept of Boxing)

Exam/Interview Date : 09-Aug-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Technical Round-2
Location : Chennai
Contributor Name : Mohana