(Paper) Onmobile Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper: 10 Sept., 2011


Company Name: Onmobile

Type: Fresher

Puzzles and Aptitude Questions.

1. The Probability to observe atleast one vehicle in 30 minutes on the high way is 0.784, then what is the prob.. to observe atleast one veficle in 10 mins?

Ans: 0.784 only..... bcz prob does not depend on quantity, time..etc

2. ashok asks balaji tell me how many apples are there in my bag?ashok gives the following 3 clues.the no. of apples

i) is a multiple of 5,it is between 1 & 19
ii) is not a multiple of 8,it is between 20 & 29.
iii) is not a multiple of 10,it is b/w 30 & 39

Ans; 32.

3. 4 couples (Mrs. Bharathi, Mrs. Prathiba, Mr. Ashok, Mr. Kumar ) sitting Around a table in equal dist.

i) mrs bharathi greeted by mr ashok who sit on left side imeeditely.
ii)mr ashok greeted by mrs prathiba who sit opposite to him.
iii)mrs prathiba greete by a hostess who only sit in between a married couple.
iv) the hostess gretted by the person who sitting b/w two male,. who greeted hostesss?

Ans;  I Think Bharathi.

4. This Question is long.. But it is on date and months

i) Three Persons Ashok, Balaji, Guru joined in health group in last month, but one person go every 2 days, One Person every 3 days, Other one every 7 days.
when (day) will they meet in this month, they give some conditions like
ii) Exactly one person come starting day of this month
iii) Ashok first time in this month come on Monday, Simillarly Balaji on Wednesday, Guru on Friday

Ans. : 13th Day, Monday

5. On Mobile gives Three Problems A, B&C. Among all the students only 28 pupil solve atleast one problem. the no. of students who does not solve A, who solve B, is twice the no. who solved the C. The no. of students who only A is only one more than who solved A and other problems. the no. who does not solve any problem, is half of the who solved A. then find the no. pf students who solved only prob B?

I Don't no the answer.

6. You have two bulbs. if u drop the bulb from critical height (or higher) the bulb will broken. if You drop it from below crit length (many times) bulb will not be broken. The critical is in between 0 & 38. How many times (minimum) You drop the bulb to find the Guaranteed critical length?

Ans.: I think 19 times.

All the Best Guys.

Exam/ Interview Date: 10 Sept., 2011
No. of Round: Aptitude Test
Contributor Name : Ashok