(Paper) Nagarro Placement Paper Pattern : 09-Mar-2011


There were 2 Rounds For Written.

  1. Aptitude
  2. Technical

Aptitude : This was so easy. it had 40 questions.20 from area, percentage, triangle, cube, circle, trigonometry.
They will provide you all formulas. and other 20 questions were from reasoning. so dates all about aptitude. time duration was 60 minutes.

Technical : This was subjective. And 3 questions were asked.One is from matrix yuh have to transpose the matrix.
2nd was from string you have a string and you have to search this string any any pattern.
3rd was from parsing. here you will have a given string pattern and you will parse that.

Example: "bill gates"
Output : "first name : bill
Second Name : gates like this.
they will provide input and output as well. Be confident. It was easy.
Time duration: 1.15 hour
And there ewes no compulsion of any language you can write even pseudo codes. When you made pseudo code or program.Then please check it is it working for all the inputs they have given or not. I did this mistake. So best of luck
Company Name: Nagarro
No of Rounds:
Screening Test
Exam/Interview Date: 03-Sep-2011