(Paper) Mu-Sigma Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper : 22-Jul-2011



Job Interview Placement Paper

There Were Overall 4 Rounds:

1. Written test of aptitude
2. GD
3. Interview
4. HR

In the 1st round --- there were 20 Questions to be done in 25 min. all the questions were quite easy.

  • 10 quant questions which were quite easy

  • In English section 5 paragraph questions were There which needed a bit time

  • 5 DI questions were absolute sitters, thy could hv been done even in 2 min

Out of 250 people who appeared for the written only 66 cleared and they were divided in 8 groups.

  • GD--- the GD topics were nice, some of the topics which i remember are
  • Does increasing number of engineering colleges decreasing the charm of engineering..?
  • Does prostitution be legalized in india ?
  • Who is better....Britney spears or Pamela Anderson ?

Out of 66 students who appeared for GD 33 cleared .and than those were called for interviews...all those 33 were called for 2 interviews and infact some of them for 3 also..

  • First interview was a puzzle and business case studies related interview. it was dam interesting...some of the they asked me were--

  • How to count the no of crows in a particular city..?

  • Business case study--Big Bazaar is the client of Mu-Sigma. Suppose it opened an outlet in a city in January 2006 and after 5 years in jan 2011 , in the same city Reliance Fresh also opened an outlet. so now,

  • How we will calculate the loss occurred to Big Bazaar due to Reliance Fresh in six months that is till June 2011 ?

  • We have 10 strips of paper. each strip burns in 1 hour and we have to calculate 15 min without using any instrument or clock or without folding the strip of paper.

  • We have to calculate approx no of people who are now clients of Airtel but will stop using Airtel in next one month

  • What we will do to launch a Mercedes show room in a city like Indore ?

  1. They were not expecting exact Answers...they were exploring your approach and wanted to see how deep and logical you can think...?
  2. HR was relatively easy. they simply went through the resume and asked about everything they saw in it...
  3. Finally 11 people were given the offer letter...
  4. I hope these details will help you guys in a proper way and you will know how to prepare for the interview..
Company Name: Mu-Sigma
No of Rounds:
Client/Manager Interview
Exam/Interview Date: 22-Jul-2011