(Paper) Mindtree Latest Fresher Interview Placement Paper: 04th August, 2011


Company Name : MindTree

Type: Fresher

Hello Friends,

We had MindTree come to our college for campus placements. I got through and got my offer letter on the same day. The recruitment process is as follows:

Aptitude Written Test Four Sections

  • Aptitude (25 Questions, 30 Minutes)
  • Technical (10 Questions, 20 Minutes)
  • Email writing(10 Minutes)
  • Programming(10 Minutes)

Technical interview

H R Interview

1) Aptitude Written Test


Generic problems were asked... 10 were Analytical, the rest were Quant. They were easy-ok. The problem was solving it in the given time. R.S. Aggarwal is enough.

Technical - Snippets were given, we had to write the output on a sheet. NO MULTIPLE CHOICE. They were easy. Be thorough with control Structures(if,loops) and operators (incr, decr, left shift, right shift)

Email Writing:- They gave us a scenario, we had to write an email. The email doesn't have to be long, but make sure it's neat and is grammatically correct.

Programming:- You have to write a program without using library functions. Many found this tough. ATTEMPT, even though it might be wrong.

Technical Interview (TOUGH)

Here are some of the questions they asked:-

Tell Me About Yourself.

Write a Program - code of atoi(), itoa() , reverse a number, palindrome, decimal-binary conversion, find no. of 0's in a given number, remove recurrence of numbers in given integer (11233 should be 123), display * is diamond shape, programs using bit-wise operators

Analytic Puzzles

Questions on basics of c, c++, data structures(they didn't ask any other subjects)

H R Interview

We had stress interview. Many cross questions, some insulting remarks, shouting , being very rude.

The HR asked lots of G.K. (mostly politics around the world), so read the paper before you go, know who are the cabinet ministers, CM, PM, President, VP, speaker, then PMs and Presidents of other important or neighboring countries.

Personally, I did not do my best in any round , but i was positive and i attempted what i was asked to do[though i didn't know] and showed my interest to learn, I think that was all they were looking for, along with minimum knowledge and intelligence.
So prepare well , ALL THE BEST to you, Hope this helps!

No of Rounds: Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Client/Manager Interview
Exam/Interview Date : 04-Aug-2011
Location: Delhi
Contributor Name : Anonymous