(Paper) Mindtree Fresher Interview Placement Paper: 17th August, 2011


Job Interview, Question Paper

He Test Duration Was Of 30 Minutes And 20 Questions Were There.

Around 15 Questions Were From The Book

Quantitative Aptitude For CAT By Arun Sharma

The Question Which I Remember Are As Under.

1. The Speed Of Three Car Are In Ratio 2:3:4 Then Ratio Between The Time Taken By These Car To Travel The Same Distance Is.

Ans. 6:4:3

2. If 30 Oxcen Can Plough 1/7th Of A Field In 2 Days then How Many Days 18 Oxcen Will Take To Do The Remaining.?

Ans. 20 Days

3. A Cask Contain A Mixture Of 49 Ltrs Of Wine And Water In Ratio 5:2. How Much Water Should Be Added To Make Wine Water To 7:4?

Ans: 6

4.Which Of The Following Never Comes At The End Of Perfect Square Of A Number.

(A) 1 (B) 000 (C) 2 (D) 6

5. A Tank Can Be Fill In 6 Hrs But Due Ti Linkage It Take 4 Hrs More.If The Whole Tank Is Full Then The In What Time It Will Become Empty?

6. 5 Boys And 3 Girls R Sitting In A Row Of 8 Seats. Find No. Of Ways So That Not All Girls Sit Side By Side?

Ans. 2400

7. Tow Fair Coins R Tossed. Fins The Probability Of Getting 1 Head And 1 Tail?

Ans: 1/2

8. Find Sum Of All Odd Number Between 100 And 200.

9. What Is 15th Term Of Series 20,15,10.....?

10. A Man Sell A Plot At 6% Profit. If He Had Sold It At 10% Profit He Would Received Rs. 200 More. What Is Selling Price Of Plot.?

Ans: 5300

11. Probablity Of A Is X (Given) And B Is Y (Given) Of Telling Truth. What Is Probability That Both Are Contradictory.

12 . Half Of Distance Is Traveled At 60 Km/Hrs. The Half Of Remaining Half At 30 Km / Hrs And Rest At 10 Km/Hrs. What Is Average Speed.?

13. The Milk Rate Is 60 Rs/Ltr. Some Water Is Mixed And If Saled At 75 Rs/Ltr Then Profit Is 37.5%. Find The Ratio In Which Water Is mixed.

Ans: 10:1 (Milk: Water)

14. A And B R Two Integer Differ By 4. The Sum Of Their Reciprocal Is 10/20. Find The Number?

Ans. 3

15. In How Many Ways 5 Prize Be Distributed To 8 Students If Each Student Can Get Any Number Of Prizes?

Ans: (5)Power8

16. No. Of Words Made From Word Delhi.

Ans: 60

17. A Wheel After 5000 Revolution Cover 11 Kms. What Is Radius Of Wheel?

Ans: 35 Cms

Company: Mindtree
Location : Other
Type : Fresher
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test,
Exam/Interview Date : 17-Aug-2011
Contributor Name : Nagarjuna