(Paper) Microsoft Fresher Job Written Placement Paper Pattern: 22 July 2011


Company Name : Microsoft
Type : Fresher

Written Paper:

10 questions from C output, One compiler based (CFG), One OS based (when reading internally it was just a simple percentage calculation question).


  • +3 for correct answers.
  • -2 for wrong answers.

Questions were not so tough (neither so easy) and all, You just need to think aloud.

MCQs: OS based

1. You have a disk, 1 represents a 'Valid Read' (I forgot d exact term!) and 0 represents 'Invalid Read' Gn. A hexadecimal string DFE00454AB. Find the nearest percentage of valid read?

2. Gn. a CFG
State which of the following statement is FALSE (I can remember this much only!)

3. Gn a in order traversal, find the equivalent preorder traversal  ..all other 7 questions were guess the o/p of C program. I don't remember exactly. difficulty level was moderate only!

10 marks :

  1. Find GCD of 2 numbers U & V in O (log UV)^2
  2. Test cases for finger print recognition say in a laptop to login
  3. Design question. for billing, You have Barcode, Barcode number, Item price, Taxes, Discounts for items (Some criteria were given and you have to design an algo for calculating discount) and then finally Compute Net price.
  4. What DS you will use.
  5. How will you improve this design..
  6. State advantages and disadvantages.

You have to think aloud and innovative. that's it.

Exam/Interview Date : 22-Jul-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Technical Round-2
Location : Chennai
Contributor Name : Chitra