(Paper) Mahindra Satyam Fresher Job Placement Paper: 2011



Job Interview, Question Paper

My Experience On Mahindra Satyam: (Written Test 170 Marks). Written Test Is Very Simple And It Has 2 Sections
One Is Aptitude Section
Second Is English Section
Aptitude Section:(70 Question and 70 Marks-40 Minimum)

Again It Has 3 Subsections

1 Arithmetic Section(20 Question)-It Has Questions In Given Manner

  • Calendars Questions

  • Clock Question

  • Percentages Problems On

  • Profit And Loses

  • Ages Problems

  • Simple And Compound Interest

  • Partnership Problems

  • Time And Distance Problems

  • Races And Games Problems

  • Numbers Problems On Sequences

2 Verbal Reasoning(30 Question)

3 Non-verbal Reasoning(20 Question)

Note: Guys When You Entered Into Examination Hall, Before Starting The Exam It Is Better To Write Alphabets And Its Numbers In The Rough Paper Approximately 20 Questions Will Come Based On These Alphabets Sequences.

English Section: (100 Questions & 100 Marks-40 Minutes)

Again It Has 8 Subsections:

I Don't Remember That What They Are But All Its Are Very Easy And In These Parts Only Antonyms And Synonyms Are Some What Difficult, All Other Sections Are Too Easy. And In It Also There Are Some Questions Based On The Alphabets Sequences.

Cut-off Marks Are 104 Then In 1800 Students Only 51 Students Are Selected.

Interview Questions:

Me: Shall I Get In Sir

Sir: Yah Ravi Get In And How R U?

Me: Fine And How About You Sir?

Sir: Oh Me Very Fine. Come And Sit Ravi

Me: Thank You Sir

Sir: Where R U From?

Me: Atp

Sir: Oh Atp! But You Wrote Kadapa In Your Address

Me: Yes Sir My Native Is Kadapa But Our College Is In Atp Thats why I Told Like That Sir

Sir: Oh K Ravi Tell Me About Your Self

Me: Told All The Details Except Project But In The Middle

Sir: What About Your Project?

Me: I Explained My Project Briefly

Sir: How Do You Connect Odbc To Java

Me: I Explained That How We Connect On Our System Then

Sir: I Am Asking About The Code Ravi

Me: Took Few Seconds And Told That I Have Forgotten Sir

Then Sir Started The Questions About My Project, Approximately He Asked 10-15 Questions On Project

Sir: What Language You Used In Project?

Me: Java Sir,

Sir: What Are Oops Concepts?

Me: I Told 6 Concepts Then

Sir: What Is Encapsulation?

Me: I Explained

Sir: What Is Multitasking?

Me: I Explained

Sir: What Is An Inheritance?

Me: I Explained

Sir: K Draw An Example Diagram Of Multi-level And Multiple Inheritance

Me: I Drawn The Figures

Sir: Draw Hybrid Inheritance

Me: I Drawn

Sir: Is Java Supports Multiple Inheritance?

Me: No, Sir

Sir: Then How Can U Use It In Java?

Me: Using Interface Sir

Sir: How Do You Use?

Me: I Explained With One Example

Sir: Ok What Is Normalization

Me: I Explained

Sir: How Many Types Of Normalization

Me: I Told 3 Types And Explained Them

Sir: Why You Choose Computers Branch In B-Tech

Me: I Told That. Well C Language Developed On 1972 Sir Till Now We Are Using This So I Want To Invent New Language And I Will Make That All The People Should Use My Language Only Sir. That's Why I Choose Computers Branch Sir

Sir: Oh Very Nice Ravi. What You Get From 4 Years Of Engineering According To Subject

Me: How To Use System And Software's Properly Sir, And I Learned About Many Things In My Graduation Sir.

Sir: How Many Types Of Testing Are There?

Me: I Explained

Sir: What Is An Integration Testing?

Me: Actually I Forgot About It But I Told Something Like System Testing But He Accepted

Sir: Tell Me Stages Of SDLC Life Cycle

Me: I Explained

Sir: Ok Fine Ravi What Will You Do In Free Time

Me: Watching Or Playing Cricket And Chess And Reading Newspaper

Sir: Who Is Ur Favorate Cricketer?

Me: I Told Sourav Ganguly Sir

Sir: He Was Retired Right.Oh Tell Me Present Players Name Ravi

Me: Virat Kohli Sir

Sir: Why He Is Stylish Player?

Me: Not Like That Sir He Will Play Perfect Shots Sir And He Will Play Very Nice Shots.... For Looking His Batting Is Very Nice Sir

Sir: What About Chess? Who Is Ur Favorate?

Me: Anand And Hampi Sir

Sir: Which State Anand Belongs

Me: I Told Andhra Pradesh Sir

Sir: No He Is From Tamilnadu Right

Me: No Sir He Is From A.P.

Sir: Are You Sure

Me: Yes I Am Sure Sir

(He Asked 4 Times Like Are You Sure Or Not.... And I Told That I Am Sure Sir)

Sir: K Ravi You Can Leave Now And Have A Nice Day

Me: Thank You And Wish You The Same Sir

But One Thing Guys They Will Move Like Our Friend....

Finally I Got Selected....

Location : Other
Type : Fresher
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1,
Exam/Interview Date : 30-Jul-2011
Contributor Name : Raviteja