(Paper) Latest ITM Interview Placement Paper on 21 August, 2011(Part - II)



Company Name: ITM

Interview Type: Fresher Job Interview, Question Paper.

51. TRACHUMA is a disease of the ?
a. Eyes
b. Liver
c. Lungs
d. Kidney

52. The atmospheric layer that reflects radio waves is
a. Troposhere
b. Stratosphere
c. Ionosphere
d. Exosphere

53. After returning from South Africa, Gandhiji launched his 1st successful Satyagrah in ______.
a. Chauri Chaura
b. Bardoli
c. Champaran
d. Dandi

54. Which pair of disease may result if a child is deficient in protein?
a. Kwashiorkar & Pellagra
b. Kwashiorkar & Rickets
c. Kwashiorkar & Ostomalacia
d. Kwashiorkar & Marasmus

55. Fourth- Estate means?
a. The Judiciary
b. Central Government
c. The Press
d. The Police

56. Which street is famous for Stock Exchange Mkt. ?
a. Broadway,NewYork
b. Downing Street, London
c. Fleetstreet, London
d. Wal Street, New York

57. Men's wear brand Raymond is owned by
a. Bombay Dying
b. Reliance
c. Indian Rayon
d. None

58. Banking solutions company 'I-flex' is owned by
a. Stand Chart Grindlays
b. Deutsche Bank
c. ABN Amro
d. None

59. Who heads the Kinetic group?
a. Brij Mohan Munjal
b. Y S Kim
c. Sulajja Motwani
d. None of above

60. C.S.Rao is chairman of which among the following organization ?
b. CII

(Qs. 61-65) Shilpi is preparing blends of coffee to serve at dinner. Each blend must be prepared with 2 Varieties of beans chosen from varieties J, K, L & M and 3 varieties of beans chosen from Q, R, S, T & U.The blends are prepared according to these rules: J & K can't be used together. L & R can't be used together. Q & R can't be used together. S & Q can't be used together.

61. If Shilpi chooses J to be in the blend, all of the following blends are possible except
a. J, K, Q, R, U
b. J, K, Q, T, U
c. J, K, R, S, U,
d. J, K, R, T, U

62. What is the total number of blends containing both varieties L & S that can be prepared?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

63. Which of the following can't be included with L?
a. K
b. Q
c. S
d. T

64. If J, K & U have been blended together, which of these can't be present?
a. R
b. Q
c. S
d. None

65. If Shilpi chooses variety Q to be included, which of these must be true?
1) L is left out of the blend
2) J is left out of the blend
3) U is included in the blend
a. 1 only
b. 2 only
c. 1 & 2
d. 2 & 3

66. How many numbers greater than 800 and less than 4000 can be made with 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 so that no digit occurs more than once in a number?
a. 1008
b. 1656
c. 1234
d. None

67. A & B enter into a speculation; A puts in Rs.50 and B puts in Rs.45. At the end of 4 months, A withdraws half his capital and B withdraws half his at the end of 5 months. C then enters the partnership with a capital of Rs.70. at the end of twelve months, the profits of concern are divided in the ratio are Rs.254; how ought it be divided?
a. 4 : 5 : 5
b. 400 : 382.5 : 490
c. 125 : 187 : 212
d. 3 : 1 : 2

68. What is the probability that a given number is divisible by 4?
a. 0.375
b. 0.25
c. 0.4
d. Can't be Determined

69. The radii of cylinders are in the ratio of 2:3 and their heights are in the ration 5:3 then ration of their volumes are
a. 2:3
b. 20:35
c. 27:20
d. 20:27

(Qs. 70-72) 6 persons A, B, C, D & F are standing in a circle. B is between F & C. A is between E & D. F is to the left of D.

70. Who is between A & F?
a. B
b. C
c. D
d. None

71. Who is to right of E
a. C
b. A
c. D
d. Either C or A

72. A jar of whiskey contains 40% alcohol. A part of this whiskey is replaced by another 19% alcohol resulting in 26% alcohol mixture. The fraction of whiskey replaced is
a. 1/3
b. 2/3
c. 2/5
d. 3/5

73. If p & q are the roots of the equation, x2-6x+6=0; then the value of p2+q2 is
a. 36
b. 24
c. 25
d. 6

74. A reduction in price of mangoes by 20% enables 5 mangoes more for 250, find the reduced price per dozen.
a. 150
b. 1
c. 120
d. None

75. If the average of 50 students in a class is 55. The average of those who failed is 45, what is average marks obtained of those who passed?
a. 65
b. 70
c. 80
d. Data inadequate

76. When A earns 15, B earns 25. When B earns 30, C earns 35. When C earns 20, D earns 60. Compare their earnings.
a. 18 : 32 : 35 : 110
b. 18 : 30 : 35 : 105
c. 18 : 35 : 30 : 105
d. None of above

77. In an exam, A got 10% less than B, B got 25% more than C and C got 20% less than D. If A got 360 out of 500, how much % marks were obtained by D?
a. 70
b. 75
c. 80
d. 85

78. Which of these is largest?
a. v5
b. 20/9
c. 2.25
d. 91/41

79. A rope makes 70 rounds with base radius 7cm. How many times can it go round a cylinder with base radius 35cm.
a. 98
b. 14
c. 20
d. 28

80. The average weight of 30 girls is 55 kgs but later it was noted that weight of Rita was misread as 44 kg instead as 59 kg. The correct average is
a. 56 kg
b. 55.5 kg
c. 60 kg d.
61 kg

(Qs.81. - 83) Give the Meaning of the Following Phrases

81. To get into hot water
a. To get into trouble
b. To accept challenge
c. To face the reality
d. None of above

82. To keep one's temper
a. to become angry
b. to be in good mood
c. to be aloof from
d. to preserve one's energy

83. To be above board
a. to have a good height
b. to have no debts
c. to be honest in any business deal
d. None of above

(Qs. 84-86)

84. Choose the misspelt word
a. Abiss
b. Auction
c. Altercation
d. Altruist

a. Identikit
b. Eclat
c. Jackass
d. Meanad

a. Opulent
b. Opaque
c. Oligark
d. Olfactory

(Qs. 87- 90) Give Synonyms :

87. Credence
a. Fame
b. Popularity
c. Knowledge
d. Belief

88. Lethal
a. Lawful
b. Deadly
c. Legitimate
d. Harmful

89. Panache
a. Body ache
b. Spirited style
c. Penchant
d. Performance

90. Babel
a. Confused talking
b. Inexperienced person
c. Awkward
d. Lunatic

(Qs.91 - 94) Give Antonyms

91. Paucity
a. speed
b. growth
c. abundance
d. sufficient

92. Sombre
a. sweet
b. hamper
c. debar
d. abort

93. Entice
a. tease
b. hamper
c. debar
d. abort

94. Abjure
a. approve
b. oppose
c. validate
d. legalize

Identify the Error (other than punctuation)

a. The economical condition
b. Of our country is bad
c. And unlikely to improve
d. In the near future

a. as mentioned on the form
b. and also in the brochure,
c. please write your
d. name only with ink

a. as this is an
b. important matter
c. each of us has
d. something to say on this

a. silver as well as cotton
b. have fallen considerably
c. in prices
d. in recent days.

Choose the Pair Which Shows the Closest Relationship

99. Satin : Cloth
a. Breeches : Hunting
b. Morning : Students
c. Soldier : Army
d. Oxygen : Gas

100. Youth : Childhood
a. Juvenile : Mischief
b. Morning : Dawn
c. Senile : Old
d. Life : Death

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