IOCL Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper : 19-Aug-2011


Job Interview, Placement Paper

1 Round in on Campus


1. When a transformer rated for 50hz is given 25hz what will happen?

2.What is arching grounding?

3.When a crow sitting on a transmission line does not die. why?

4.Training related questions? (maximum)

5.What are a reactors &what are their ratings?

6.Name plate rating of transformer and alternator?

7.What is Dd11?

8.What is the protection scheme for transformers?

9. How do u test negative phase sequence relay?

10.What is the effect on other two lines of transmission line if one lg fault occurs on Ungrounded system?

11.What type of motor is used in elevator lift?

12.One hr Question tell about ur family?

Company Name: IOCL
No of Rounds:
Technical Round-1
Exam/Interview Date: